Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Winner's Post!

There were several giveaways going on during the time I was away from the blog due to issues with my health. 

I have chosen winners for all of these giveaways and plan to send the information to the publicists today or tomorrow. Since it has been two months I am not sure about whether they will honor the prizes for these giveaways. I am hopeful that they will, but I ask that you be patient with their time table on sending them and if they do not send them, be understanding. I apologize for your inconvenience in filling out the forms and that sort of thing if they do not send them, but I understand their point of view as well.

Some readers have asked me a few questions about my health and I thought I would take the time to answer a few of them here. I have a very rare form of Type 1 Diabetes that can be very debilitating at times. I have spent time on and off in the hospital since I was young with complications ranging from severe low blood sugar to trauma with my kidneys which nearly took my life in 2013. I have been unable to drive for some time because I have diabetic unawareness, which means that I cannot tell when I am having a low because I am low most of the time and can pass out without even knowing I am having trouble which is dangerous to myself and others on the road. I also have issues with diabetic neuropathy, which involves the loss of feeling in my feet. I have damage to eye sight and a lot of other little things that all add up at times to force me to take a break. I have been involved in a clinical trial for a new medication for my disorder for the last ten years which has significantly reduced my symptoms and has allowed my heart to recover from the medicinal strain from previous medications, but it still a daily battle. 

Blogging has been a salvation for me in some ways. I have always been a person who worked hard and was able to provide for my family, I am a single mother of 2 teenage girls. When I became unable to work due to illness it was a bit devastating for me. I felt a bit useless and still do sometimes. But blogging has made that a lot easier. I feel like I am able not only to provide my readers with good quality reviews of books, but I also am doing a service for the authors in promoting their work and getting their names out there. I am privileged to have the opportunity to do that. A book that I am featuring in August by cozy mystery author Paige Shelton, has a quote from Debbie's Book Bag on the cover. How amazing is that? I'm over the moon about it! 

I want you to know that I appreciate all of you and your good wishes and I hope to be blogging for a long time to come. If I disappear from time to time with no warning, it's generally due to issues with my health and I will try to get someone to post for me if possible.

Now to the good stuff!

The winners are:

The Winter Bride by Anne Gracie
Winner: Debra Bechard

The Sweetheart Rules by Shirley Jump
Winner: Anita Yancey

A Shocking Delight by Jo Beverly
Winner: bn100

Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley
Winner: Texas Book Lover

Prince's Fire by Amy Raby
Winner: Anne Berger

Hope Ignites by Jaci Burton
Winner: Charlotte

Ghost Seer by Robin D. Owens
Winner: Ericka Larson Cooper

Drowning in Fire by Hannah Martine
Winner: Natasha Donohoo

Wildflower Wedding by Luann McLane
Winner: Laura Dogsman Roth

Surrender to Temptation by Lauren Jameson
Winner: Lisa Garrett

Unwound by Lorelei James
Winner: Lily B.

Teach me a Lesson by Jasmine Haynes
Winner: Michelle Fidler

Torn by Kim Karr
Winner: Carol Beyner

Wicked Games by Angela Knight
Winner: Ericka Larson Cooper

Dangerously Bound by Eden Bradley
Winner: Dawn Hanson

Mercy by Helen K. Dimon
Winner: Karen Gagnon

The Goodbye Witch by Heather Blake
Winner: Angela Butz

Death of a Mad Hatter by Jenn McKinlay
Winner: Carol M.

Murder in Merino by Sally Goldenbaum
Winner: Kimberly Wyatt

It Happened One Wedding by Julie James
Winner: Chelsea Brooks

The Pickled Piper by Mary Ellen Hughes
Winner: Rita Wray

Angora Alibi by Sally Goldenbaum
Winner: Sue Farrell

Dead, White and Blue by Carolyn Hart
Winner: Barbara Tobey

Last Licks by Claire Donally
Winner: Alicia Forage

A Tiger's Tale by Laura Morrigan
Winner: Martha Lawson

A Dollhouse to Die For by Cate Price
Winner: Angela Holland

Murder Gone A-Rye by Nancy J. Parra
Winner: Linda Kish

Board Stiff by Elaine Viets
Winner: Lisa Brown

A Beautiful Distraction by Kelsie Leverich
Winner: Jane

A Cookbook Conspiracy by Kate Carlisle
Winner: Brooke Bumgardner

Breakable by Tamara Webber
Winner: Victoria Sloboda

Dreams of Lilacs by Lynn Kurland
Winner: Maxie

The Guild by Jean Johnson
Winner: Crystal GB

In Want of a Wife by Jo Goodman
Winner: Julia Holden

When a Laird Takes a Lady by Rowan Keats
Winner: Leah Weller

Thanks everyone for participating. Winners will be notified later today and publishers today or tomorrow. We won't have another winner's post for awhile until I get the giveaway schedule back on track.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will be back to blogging as of August 1st. I apologize for dropping off the face of the blogsphere so suddenly. As many of you know I have some health issues that get in the way of my blog from time to time and this time it was a bit sudden. 

Winners will be chosen for all the giveaways that were current on the blog when I was away. I will put up a winners post in the next few days and send out the names and addresses of the winners to the publishers shortly after that.

Thanks for your patience and the kind notes that I received while I was sick. I was not able to get back to everyone but your heart felt notes were certainly appreciated.

Well... I'm back! Let's see what happens...