Monday, January 4, 2016

Where Haveeeee You Beeeeen???

I've been away for awhile now... since September. Usually, when I disappear it's health related. As many of you know I am a diabetic and have several health issues related to the disease that keep me from blogging on a regular basis sometimes. 

But that wasn't the case this time. I had a busy week that week. I hadn't had much time to blog and I had plans for several posts that I had in mind to post in the coming days. But God had other plans. 

On September 15th my dad had a horrific truck accident that eventually took his life a few days later on September 19th. My world was shattered in a moment. My dad meant the world to me and his death has completely changed my life. 

He drove a heavy equipment truck my whole life and never in 50 years had an accident. He was never really sick much in his life either, even though he was 73 years old. It was such a shock and such a loss to our family and to our community. My dad wasn't a CEO or a big shot in any way. He was a mechanic and he could build anything. He was 'Mr. Fix-It' not only to us but to everyone in the area. He was a man of few words, but his words held weight and he is truly missed by everyone who knew him. 

As you might imagine my mom is devastated. She was married to my dad 51 years and they had hardly spent a night apart in all that time. She never liked to stay by herself even when dad was living. So this loss has been a tremendous change for her. I have one sister and one brother. We all have families. Since I only work a seasonal job from Jan. to April and they both work everyday, I am staying with my mom during the day and some nights, even some weekends. It's a new reality for all of us. 

Blogging has been far from my mind these past few months. My life has changed completely. I have not even been able to concentrate on reading much, but am starting to feel the urge a little the past couple of weeks. My heart is still very heavy and everyday is a struggle in it's own right. I don't know how often I will blog, what I will blog about or anything else at this point. It won't be everyday... not for awhile. My family needs me. But I love reading and I love blogging so don't count me out completely. I just need some time to figure out how my life goes on... and how this reading community fits into it. 

I love you all and wanted you to know what was going on. 

Thank-You in advance for your kind words. Don't be offended if I can't answer back right now. I can't really find the words.

RIP Dad! I love you!