Saturday, December 19, 2009

Giveaway Saturday (1)

Today I am going to go through some of the blogs I follow and find giveaways you might be interested in...

This is my top ten for this week:

1.) A Book Bloggers Diary always has a lot of good giveaways going on!

2.) A Bookworm's World currently has four book giveaways going on!
3.) A Circle Of Books has one current drawing.
4.) A Good Addiction has an interesting giveaway.
5.) Tales Of A Ravenous Reader has a big giveaway ending December 21st...
6.) Presenting Lenore is giving away 5 up and coming books and a gift card

7.) The Book Butterfly has several different contest going on.

8.) The Queen Of Happy Endings has a big December/January giveaway going on.

9.) All About{n} has several giveaways to check out.

10.) All Things Urban Fantasy, one of my favorite blogs has a couple of interesting contests.

Check these giveaways out, I tried to post contests with several different genre's. ENJOY!


ReaganStar said...

Thanks so much, I am so glad you like my blog, I have tried to make it mine. Glad you got the chance to win giveaway 1 and gl with the ring in the new year giveaway.

Just to let you know Stay tuned to Author Spotlights on most of the wonderful Authors have agreed to do giveaway of sorts through my blog :-)

Happy Holidays

StephTheBookworm said...

Hi, I am glad you entered my giveaway because now I've discovered your blog. I'm liking it a lot! Thanks for entering!

justpeachy36 said...

Thanx to both of you for inspiring me with your wonderful blogs....