Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Photo-Day-Challenge

So, I told you things were going to be a little different with my blog. I wanted to add some personal touches. I also told you that I had gotten interested in several different kinds of blogs in my absence as well.

I found this really cool challenge to get involved in and it's something I think you might be interested in as well. Amy over at The Idea Room has a challenge that she does every month. It is ideally for  Instagram, but there are a lot of different ways you can participate. It's very simple. Amy gives a specific prompt for every day of the month and you have to include a photo that has to do with the prompt.

Here is the list of prompts for April:

Remember to make your photos family friendly! Since it's possible that a lot of you like me are instagram illiterate, feel free to post your photos anywhere and link back to back here or on Amy's April post.

Yesterday was April 1st and the prompt was FUN! I am posting my pics on Pininterest and on my blog. You'll get to learn a little bit about how we do things around here in a unique way. Here is our FUN photo for April 1st:

My daughters Miranda and Allison having FUN with Sparklers, on a cold April day. Allison is on the left. She is 13 and Miranda is on the right. She is 15.

April 2nd's prompt is JUMP! I posted this pic on my pinterest board called "Photo-A-Day Challenge."

This is how we jump... Allison (13), Miranda (15), cousin Parker (7) and our 65-year-old Granny!!! LOL

Have a great day!

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Lexi said...

Hahaha! Looks like you had fun with this! (and kudos to Granny for joining in!)

Thanks for sharing!