Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review and Giveaway: The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Publication Date: 09/02/2014
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Signet Eclipse
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 336
ISBN-10: 0451419316
ISBN-13: 978-0451419316

(Received for an honest review from Signet Eclipse)

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Excerpt from, The Perfect Man, courtesy of Amazon's Look Inside feature


New York Times Bestselling Author Vicki Lewis Thompson presents a sweet, sexy novel about saddling up, getting lucky, and finding love....

Sorority sisters Melanie, Astrid, and Valerie have been inseparable since college. Even years after graduating, they still get together to debate their favorite topic: Who is the perfect man?

While growing up on a ranch, Melanie always assumed that she’d marry a cowboy—until a Parisian adventure introduces her to a dashing Texas billionaire and makes her doubt what she really wants….

Astrid’s parents expect her to settle down with someone rich, but when she can’t keep her hands off a hardworking and handsome rancher, her world turns upside down....

After a terrifying accident, Valerie doesn’t expect ever to risk love again—until she meets the one man no woman can resist: a billionaire cowboy....

As the three argue over what makes a man a great catch—a pocketful of dollars or spurs on his boots—they discover that the perfect man is sometimes exactly what you’d least expect....


When most people think of Vicki Lewis Thompson, werewolves come to mind, not necessarily cowboys. Vicki Lewis Thompson brings readers three stories about three different women who end up the cowboys of their dreams. The Perfect Man tells the story of Melanie, Astrid, and Valerie and what each of them is looking for in the perfect man. Readers who are looking for something different from this author, or just a good cowboy romance, this is the perfect book. 

What I liked:

Each of the three stories in this anthology have been previously released from Vicki Lewis Thompson, but having them all together in one book, was a very smart idea. All three women are friends and former sorority sisters, giving them a link to each other and intertwining all of the stories. What do you think makes up the qualities of the perfect man? This is the theme that Thompson is working with here and for these three woman, the answer is a cowboy.

At first I wasn't sure there would be enough realism in these stories for me. Then I thought about it. There are of course billionaire cowboys out there and they do eventually find love. How do they do it? It certainly could have happened any of the three ways that Thompson describes in her book. So, with that decided in my mind I loved all three of these stories. 

One Night With a Billionaire

Melanie's story was interesting to me for several reasons. First she goes on a trip to Paris by herself, when both of her friends back out. I love traveling and seeing new places and that struck a cord with me on this one. Who doesn't want to meet the man of her dreams in the city of love? Drew was a great character, charismatic and all cowboy. This was a great story.

Tempted by a Cowboy

Astrid is the wealthy cowgirl in this story. Her veterinary practice brings her into contact with a local rancher and it's on from there. The connection between these two was more than just good chemistry. There love for animals was also very important to the story. Letting Fletcher in on the fact that she was rich was the obstacle here. This was my least favorite of the stories, but it was still good.

Safe in his Arms 

Valerie's story was probably the most realistic in my mind. Valerie suffers from PTSD following an accident where she was almost trampled during a concert. She meets the man of her dreams while undergoing Equine Therapy to help her manage her panic attacks. I loved the PTSD angle and thought Thompson did a great job of using humor as well as levity in this story.

What I didn't like:

Since these are all three short stories I run into the same obstacle that I generally have with these. I wanted more time with the characters, a chance to get to know them better. There was just a bit too much love at first sight or almost love at first sight due to the constraints of the form. I will say that I like anthologies and collections that are all from the same author, and this is a good one.

Bottom Line:

Three great cowboy short romances. The Perfect Man is great for those who like their romance quick and easy. Each story had it's own plot line, but all three were tied together with the thread of friendship. If you are looking for something outside the paranormal from this author, this is a very good choice.

The Perfect Man is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag! 

About the Author:

A romance-writing career has brought Vicki Lewis Thompson many wonderful things: New York Times bestseller status, the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award from Romance Writers of America, thousands of readers, many dear friends, and the cutest little yellow convertible in the world. She's the author of more than a hundred books, including the Perfect Man novellas (One Night with a BillionaireTempted by a Cowboy, and Safe in his Arms) and the Wild About You series (Werewolf in ManhattanWerewolf in Greenwich Village, and Werewolf in the North Woods). Despite all the books she's written, Thompson continues to be fascinated by the many ways that a man and a woman fall in love. The age-old story remains a challenging puzzle to be solved anew with each book.

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traveler said...

The idea is very appealing and attractive, wonder how realistic. would read it though since it is intriguing. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

lag123 said...

I would say that there is a better chance of getting struck by lightening. Sounds good though!

lag110 at mchsi dot com

holdenj said...

Ok, so it's probably not very realistic, but that's why we read them, to find an unexpected connection. I always liked her Nerd books too. Thanks!

Martha Lawson said...

Probably 1 in a million!!! Hey, it's fantasy and fiction, an escape that's why I read it!

Texas Book Lover said...

It's extremely unlikely but sure fun to read about!

Kimberly Wyatt said...

Extremely unlikely!

bn100 said...

think it's only possible in a book

Anonymous said...

Not very likely. But hey, it is a book. LOL.

justpeachy36 said...

I have to agree. If isn't exactly as if a millionaire cowboy resides on every corner. However unlikely the idea of it made for a super collection of stories. You'll just have to read them! Very good.

Sue Farrell said...

I'm not sure the idea is very realistic--but then I read to escape, not be grounded in this world.

Anita Yancey said...

No, I wouldn't think that there would be much of a chance that would happen. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Natasha said...

It's not very realistic in real life but it works for a book!
Thanks for the chance to win!