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Review: As Lost As I Get

As Lost As I Get by Lisa Nicholas

Publication Date: 08/18/2015
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: InterMix
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 225

(Received for an honest review from InterMix)

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Excerpt from As Lost As I Get, courtesy of the author's website


From the author of The Farther I Fall comes an action-filled romance in which two lovers discover that the best thing about being lost is having someone find you...

CIA operative Lee Wheeler is glad to be back in the field, even if the assignment is at a backwater station in Colombia--what he considers punishment for crossing lines in an attempt to save his brother's life. Either way, he's ready for action. But he never could have predicted the action he's about to get...

Doctor Zoe Rodriguez is in charge of a clinic in a tiny town on the edge of the rain forest. She's still dealing with a traumatic experience she had in Mexico--a trauma she wouldn't have survived if it weren't for Lee. So when they unexpectedly cross paths again, unresolved wounds rise to the surface, and their mutual passion flares to life.

But when a new threat reveals itself, Lee and Zoe's reunion takes on echoes of the past that may ruin their chance for a future.


Lisa Nicholas returns with a follow up to her successful debut novel, The Farther I Fall. Her newest book, As Lost As I Get is a romantic suspense thriller that will have readers on the edge of their collective seats. Danger is around every corner of the Colombian jungle in this heart stopping story that has that suspenseful edge, as well as, a good solid romantic connection. Readers looking for a new author in romantic suspense genre can't go wrong with Nicholas. Her sophomore effort is just as satisfying as her debut and comes with a cast of characters that are well defined and a plot that is gripping and full of energy. 

The Farther I Fall was a great debut novel and I'll have to say that I was somewhat skeptical that the follow up would be as good. Sometimes when an author comes out with an outstanding first novel, it's a little bit hard to top. Nicholas proves that theory wrong with As Lost As I Get. I could see the author's growth in her writing with this one on every page. Her characters showed much more depth, their back stories were easier to follow and more fleshed out and Nicholas did a wonderful job of making them relatable even though most of us readers will never be CIA operatives or doctor's in a foreign land. But that's the beauty of romantic suspense, we get all the action, but none of the real danger!LOL

Lee and Zoe have a past, which is one of favorites ways to start out a romance. They already have a connection, something that ties them together and gives the story somewhere to go right from the start. In this case that start is a bit more intense than most. Lee is, in a sense, Zoe's knight in shining armour. Their shared past involves Lee rescuing Zoe after being kidnapped. Now, they find themselves once again in a situation where their lives are on the line and intensity of the situation only inflames their feelings for each other. Nicholas gives readers a great balance between the action and the romance in this one.

I liked the fact that the lead character, Zoe, wasn't a damsel in distress. She was a woman who could handle herself in some pretty dangerous situations. Her commitment to helping others was also a quality that I loved. Lee might be the big muscular type that you might expect for a CIA operative, but he also had a big heart and he wasn't afraid to use it. Nicholas made these characters stand out and stand on their own and that was refreshing. Usually in this genre you run the risk of making your characters either too strong or too weak. This one has a good balance in every aspect of the story.

Bottom Line:

I wasn't entirely sure how Nicholas was going to work this one out in the end. You have two strong characters who love their work and no real way for them to be together on a normal basis. But I shouldn't have worried, the solution Nicholas found was perfect for the characters and for the story. Nobody gave up anything and everybody was satisfied, including me as a reader. A great second effort from an up and coming author in the romantic suspense genre.

As Lost As I Get is available now from your favorite online retailer.

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Lisa lives in Michigan with a tiny ridiculous dog and possibly more cats than is sensible. If she's not writing, she's feeding her story addiction any way she can: raiding Netflix, pillaging her local bookstore and library, and (most recently) tearing her way through the comics archive at Marvel.

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