Monday, January 25, 2010

Review: The Sherbrooke Bride

My Snopsis:

The Sherbrooke Bride is the first book in the Bride Series by Catherine Coulter.

Douglas Sherbrooke the Earl of Northcliffe is in need of an heir to carry on the family name. He decides to wed the beautiful, Melissande daughter of the Duke of Beresford. Unfortunately, duty comes first and Sherbrooke must send his cousin to wed his new bride by proxy while he is away on a mission.

But, when the Earl returns he is married to the wrong sister. His cousin has married Melissande and stuck him with Alexandra the younger, less attractive daughter. He must not only contend with the high spirited Alexandra, but a ghost resides at Northcliffe hall as well, the Virgin Bride.

What is the Earl to do? Remain married to the wrong bride or return her to her father? Will Douglas find love with Alexandra? You'll have to read to find out!

My Thoughts:

The Sherbrooke Bride was not my first read from highly acclaimed author, Catherine Coulter. Coulter has a very wide range in writing, from Regency style romances to FBI thrillers. I prefer her historical fiction and The Sherbrooke Bride did not disappoint.

I identified with the high spirited and stubborn, Alexandra who has always been in the shadow of her sisters incomparable beauty. Her reactions to Douglas' attitude are refreshing for a Regency romance. I enjoyed the banter that she and Dougas shared. Her love for him was very deep.

Douglas' character was very masculine. He did not come across as a gameplayer or a playboy. He seemed very honorable though a little tight laced. It is nice to see how he starts to loosen up as he begins to deal with Alexandra. The reader will feel his shock and betrayal when he finds he has married the wrong woman, but they will also feel his gradual acceptance of what's happened and the realization of what it means.

The subplot of the story involving Douglas' mission as a spy and the kidnapping it later causes, was a little predictable, but it did add an element of surprise and intrigue.

I liked this one, not one of my all time favorites, but definitely a good romance.

I give it 3 out 5 apples from my book bag!


dobby said...

Good review! THanks

misskallie2000 said...

Terrrrriffic review. I love Catherine Coulter. I have read so many of her books and they are are great.
(the misspell was delibrate)LOL

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Shy said...

Good review! I'm curious as to what is the role of ghost in this book... It sure is there for some purposes, right?