Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review: Some Enchanted Evening

My Synopsis:

Some Enchanted Evening (Lost Princess Series - Book 1) by Christina Dodd

(E-book from the Library)

Princess Clarice of Beaumontagne finds herself in quite a predicament. She and her sister Amy must fend for themselves when they are forced to go into hiding as their home is swept into a revolution.

Clarice uses her knowledge of herbs and beauty secrets to make living for them as a charlatan, peddling her wares and sometimes running away in the middle of the night when her customers become less than satisfied.

When the princess enters the town on Freya Crags in Scotland, she meets the handsome earl of Hepburn, Robert McKenzie and fears that she may have met her match. The earl of Hepburn is more than what he seems and he has plans for Clarice. Will Clarice lose her heart to the earl? Who is the stranger who lurks in the night? What scheme has Robert conceived to save a friend?

My Thoughts:

This is the first book in the Lost Princess series by Christina Dodd. I had often heard the author was one of the best in Historical Fiction and I would have to agree. The story had the air of a fairy tale, with princesses and balls and heroes and villains.

The characters were very likable. Clarice as the protective sister who must provide for herself and her sister in any way she can and Robert the unknown hero. Two very opposite characters who seem to fit together in all the right ways. There is a bit of love making in this one that probably isn't suitable for some readers so be advised of this. It's definitely steamy!

I liked the way the author was able to keep up the suspense of the story. I was on pins and needles to see what was to happen next. The supporting characters like the earls sisters and the old men of the town add color to the novel and comic relief.

I give this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

The link is for the paper back which has a different cover than the e-book.


Tales of Whimsy said...

The cover is so Penelope :)

s7anna said...

I enjoyed reading your review. I'm always drawn to stories that are fairy tale inspired and although this series is new to me...I've always liked Christina's writing.

Wings said...

excellent review!

i was thinking about picking this up :)

btw you won an award :)

Sara said...

Great review! Sounds like an interesting read

prashant said...

've always liked Christina's writing.

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misskallie2000 said...

I love Christina's books. I read this one and absolutely loved it. She kept you guessing what was going to happen next. I have read only 10 of her books that I can remember but have others to read in my stack. I have been reading over 55 yrs so can't remember title of all I have read. In 2006 I started a listing of read and when I find one I read earlier I just add to it.

Fantastic review.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Llehn said...

I've never read historical fiction before. If I were to start this sounds like a great place! Thanks for the review.

jellybelly82158 said...

Great review. I like Christina Dodd's writing

dobby said...

I've not read many of Dodd's books but I think I'll give her a try now! Good review.

throuthehaze said...

Sound like my kind of book :)

Shy said...

The story had the air of a fairy tale, with princesses and balls and heroes and villains.

This was the part of your review that really caught my interest. I don't know why, but everything that has a little bit of fairy tale does intrigue. Sounds really good!