Monday, May 23, 2011

Interview and Giveaway: Kristine Grayson

Please join me in welcoming author, Kristine Grayson to Debbie's Book Bag today. She is here to talk about her new book, Wickedly Charming. The publisher is sponsoring a giveaway for two copies of Kristine's book, see details at the end of the post.

DEB:Kristine, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

KG: I have been a published writer since I was sixteen years old. I write books under the names Kristine Grayson, Kristine Dexter, Kris Nelscott, Kris DeLake, and under my own name, Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I’m a bestseller under several of those names, and I’ve won awards in every genre I’ve written in, which is all of them except religious publishing.

DEB:Tell us a little about your book, Wickedly Charming?
KG: Cinderella’s Prince Charming falls in love with Snow White’s “evil” Stepmother at an LA Book Fair.

DEB: What was your inspiration for these books? How did you get the idea for a contemporary romance series based on classic fairy-tale? Great concept by the way!
KG: Thank you! I wish I knew where the idea came from. I’d like more of them. J My brain is quite twisted. All I know is that an editor asked me for a short story about star-crossed lovers under my real name Kristine Kathryn Rusch (that’s science fiction/ fantasy or sf/f). Who is more star-crossed than an evil stepmother and Prince Charming? The story went from there. The sf/f editor didn’t like it (too unbelievable ), but everyone else seems to.

DEB: What type of research did you do for your book?
KG: I double-checked all the fairytales I remembered from my youth, read some I hadn’t read before, and realized there are Princes Charming and Evil Stepmothers in most of them. I have more work to do.

DEB: What is your normal writing day like? Do you have things that have to be in place to write comfortably?
KG: I can write anywhere. But I prefer to write in my office, with my cats near me, and iPod blaring.

DEB: What was it like when you got the word that your first novel would be published?
KG: I was soooo excited. My then-boyfriend, now my husband, bought me a dozen roses. That’s the first time I ever got a dozen roses in my life. So two firsts.

DEB: Do have any advice for new writers?
KG: Learn. Continue learning. Then practice. New words are the only thing that count. Not rewriting, not research. And—um—critical: Learn how to run a business and manage money.

DEB: When you’re not writing, what kinds of books do you like to read? Do you have a favorite author?
KG: I read everything. Seriously. Mystery, sf, romance—what I write, I read. I like too many writers to have one favorite one. But I do reread Daphne Du Murier’s Rebecca and F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby every year.

DEB:What are you working on right now?
KG: A new series from a new pen name. The first book is called Assassins in Love, a romance novel that’s a bit J.D. Robb, a bit Star Wars. The pen name is Kris DeLake and the publisher will be Sourcebooks.

DEB:Tell us one thing that people may not know about you?
KG: I’m really shy. No one can tell because I pretend to be an extrovert. But I’m just pretending….

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