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Review and Giveaway: Remnants of Murder

Remnants of Murder (Southern Sewing Circle - Book 8) by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Publication Date: 08/06/2013
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley Prime Crime
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 304
ISBN-10: 0425257843
ISBN-13: 978-0425257845

(Received for an honest review from Berkley Prime Crime)

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Books in the series:

Sew Deadly (2009), Death Threads (2010), Pinned for Murder (2010), Deadly Notions (2011), Dangerous Alterations (2011), Reap What You Sew (2012), Let it Sew (2012), Remnants of Murder (2013)

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Excerpt from Remnants of Murder, courtesy of the author's website.


When a cantankerous Sweet Briar resident ends up six feet under, the ladies of the sewing circle have to deal with a town full of suspects…
With the library’s budget dwindling, Tori Sinclair is forced to let go of her predecessor, and fellow sewing circle member, Dixie Dunn. After losing her job a second time, Dixie decides to volunteer for Home Fare, delivering meals to the homebound.
Less than a week after Dixie starts, her client Clyde Montgomery is found dead. The police think he died of old age, but with most of the town badgering Clyde to sell his picturesque land, his passing seems a little too convenient.
Determined to prove that Clyde was murdered, Dixie asks Tori for some sleuthing assistance. But with so many Sweet Briar residents in possession of a compelling motive, the sewing circle ladies will have to needle out the truth to find the killer…


Elizabeth Lynn Casey brings readers the eighth book in her Southern Sewing Circle mystery series, Remnants of Murder. Sewing enthusiasts and cozy mystery fans alike have become enamored with this series over the course of it's run. With an eclectic bunch of characters and a charming small town feel this series is not to be missed if you have a penchant for stitching or solving crimes. Tori and the gang are back and up to their usual amateur sleuthing and sewing. A great addition to a long running series!

I have to admit it. I can't sew... In the traditional sense anyway. I have been an avid cross-stitcher for years but when it comes to sewing anything on a machine or even on my hands, I'm at a loss. My daughter, however wanted to be fashion designer for quite some time and is very handy with a thread and needle. Regardless... I love this series! The Southern Sewing Circle series has a lot going for it, from interesting characters to a great setting.

Who wouldn't want to live in Sweet Briar? This charming southern town is exactly what a reader would expect. It's a small town where everybody knows your name and sometimes your business. The townspeople have become some of the best cozy characters I have read in a long time. Casey does an amazing job with setting, allowing the reader to actually feel like a part of this tight knit community. I think that's one of the best parts of the series.

Remnants of Murder takes place while Tori is planning her wedding to Milo. Or perhaps I should say, while she SHOULD be planning her wedding. Tori seems a little preoccupied in this one. She has a lot on her plate and has to take time out for more murder and mayhem. I can't blame Milo for being a little disgruntled or feeling like he is on the back burner, but what's a girl to do... when a murder happens in your back door? I loved the way that Casey incorporates Tori's love life into the story and reader gets to see both sides of Tori's life. 

I liked the fact that the whole sewing circle becomes involved in finding the killer. It isn't a one woman show. Every character in Casey's novel has a purpose and a back story. No one is left out and the reader feels like these characters have become friends now that we are in the eighth book in the series. Casey has a knack for making her characters believable and realistic. Readers can identify with their struggles and enjoy their successes. Each book is like going back to town for a visit.

The mystery aspect of this one was not predictable at all. I finally figured it out toward the end. But this one really kept me guessing. There were plenty of suspects and motives to choose from and Casey keeps readers on their toes with red herrings and clues that could lead you in the right direction but probably not all the way to the reveal without a lot of thinking. I like those kind. If you figure it out too early, all the fun goes out of it.

A great addition to an already great series!

Remnants of Murder is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author

While spending a rainy afternoon at a friend's house more than thirty years ago, Elizabeth Lynn Casey (a.k.a. Laura Bradford) fell in love with writing over a stack of blank paper, a box of crayons, and a freshly sharpened number two pencil. From that moment forward, she never wanted to do anything else.

Today, she is the author of the bestselling Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries. She also pens the Amish Mysteries under her real name, Laura Bradford. She lives in New York with her family. /

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traveler said...

thanks for this interesting and unique giveaway. I wuold enjoy sewing a dress for the summer, a sundress. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Karen B said...

I sewed many of my clothes in the 50s and 60s plus many for my kids when they were little. I actually wore out the sewing maching I received as a wedding present in 63!

Anonymous said...

My sewing project are coastal inspired pillows for my beachy couch. I think it will be a great way to cheer up during the dark and cold days of winter

Linda Kish said...

I used to sew...many years ago. Now I only mend.

Angela - Bookaunt said...

I am not good at sewing but if I was I would love to sew a quilt.

Anonymous said...

I used to love to cross stitch, but now I am just the official button fixer :)
Kathy g

Anonymous said...

can't sew for beans.

DK said...

I can't sew and to prove it in high school i was mending a hem on my school uniform....and sewed it to my pant leg.

lag123 said...

My sewing projects always involve quilts.

lag110 at mchsi dot com

Carol N Wong said...

I did some sewing in the past but haven't wanted to do anymore. My mother was a sewing teacher. She aimed for perfection and by the time that I got it right the material was either worn out or I was sick of it!


Rita Wray said...

I haven't done any sewing in a long time but when my daughter was young I sewed a lot of clothes for her dolls.


Melissa said...

I have done alot of cross-stitching in the past, and really enjoy making the cross stitch Bread Cloths as gifts for friends and Family.

I've read the first book in this series and loved it!

NoraA said...

I'm sorry to say I'm not a sewing type person. I can hem a skirt or pants, sew buttons and ripped seams. I don't do original work, or cross stitch. I leave the crafty hobby stuff to my wife and partner of 41years. She loves doing it.

Elizabeth Schroedle said...

My Mom loved to sew and made all my clothes for me. She tried to teach me how to sew when I was eight. However, I broke her machine when I forced the material to go the opposite way. I was banned from touching any of her sewing machines for eternity.

bn100 said...

may sew a quilt

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to learn to quilt.

Angela said...

I have been working on a crazy quilt during my free time using old and recycled clothes that I don't wear anymore.

Pat L. said...

I can not so for anything - can only so on a button.

ann said...

I like to sew. I used to sew quilts alot when I was younger . Dont seem to have the time anymore . But I love reading cozy mysteries when I have time. thanks

Charlotte said...

I use to see and do all kinds of sewing hobbies, not able to any more. Health reasons.

Carol M said...

I took sewing in school but wasn't very good at it. I still have the apron that I made and that was a long, long time ago! lol

Sue Farrell said...

I am completely incompetent at sewing of any kind---but I admire those who can.

Theresa N. said...

I made a christmas quilt using the 12 days of christmas fabric.

theresa n

holdenj said...

I embroidered Dopey, of 7 dwarves fame, on a dishtowel when I was a teenager!