Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: Girls Life Application Study Bible

My Synopsis:

Girls Life Application Study Bible, New Living Translation, 2nd edition

(For review from Tyndale)

The Girls Life Application Study Bible is unique because it was written for girls ages 11 and up. With a beautiful purple butterfly cover and designer page edges it will appeal to a girls sense of beauty and fashion, while also answering her questions about her faith and belief in God. It will teach her about following Jesus and how to love others.

This Bible has many features that readers will love. There is a beautiful introduction to each book of the Bible, as well as memory verses, amazing facts, timelines, charts, 3-D maps and 16 pages of full color illustrations depicting how culture differed from today in Bible times. There are several short features throughout the text of this Bible that will benefit young girls.

What Now? is a feature that will guide young girls through learning to make good choices and other real life situations.
I survived is comprised of personal stories from older teens who have been where they are and know how they feel.
At a Glance tells about famous women from the Bible, both good and bad and how they can influence their lives.
Is it OK? lets them know exactly what the Bible says about certain questions that may come up.
I'm Not the Only One lets them know they are not alone in things that have happened or feelings they may be having.

There are several indexes in the back of the Bible to help readers find what they are looking for quickly and effectively. Another feature is The Greatest Stories Reading Plan which will help the reader, read through important sections of the Bible in a years time. There is also a section detailing God's Gift to the reader and how to accept it.

The New Living Translation's motto is: The Truth Made Clear. It is easy to understand, using today's language and age appropriate wording. This translation was first done in 1996 and has become one of the most popular translations.

My Thoughts:

This is a Bible that I feel very comfortable recommending to my daughter who is 12. In fact I liked this Bible so well that I purchased another copy for my other daughter who will be turning 11 soon. I think that it is very important for Teens and Tween girls to have a Bible that they feel is easy to understand and easy to find things in. They are going through a very emotional time in their lives and having that reassurance that others have been their too is nice.

Several of the features are just what my girls needed to have in a Bible just for them. I know that they have questions about things but aren't always comfortable asking and features like, Is it Ok? and I'm Not the Only One will help with that. The reading plan in the back of the Bible is perfect for young girls because they want to read the Bible but don't want to read all the genealogies and the specifications for the temple and that sort of thing, and this reading plan focuses on the great stories of the Bible and things that would be important in their spiritual lives.

I was really impressed with how beautiful the cover and the page edging is on this Bible. They really found something that will appeal to the young girls heart and sense of fashion. Who wouldn't want to carry this great looking Bible?

The Girls Life Application Study Bible is available from your favorite bookseller now!

I give this one 5 out of 5 apples from my Book Bag!


Mystica said...

This sounds really good and ideal as a girls Bible.

throuthehaze said...

pretty cover!

Shy said...

I'm not really read anything that includes a lot of religion setting. Though I must admit that I love this book cover!