Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Tall, Dark and Wolfish

My Synopsis:

Tall, Dark and Wolfish (The Westfield Wolves series - Book 2) by Lydia Dare

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Lord Benjamin Westfield has a problem! The youngest of three brothers with a family trait that causes them to turn into a werewolves on the night of the full moon, Benjamin has lost a part of himself when he becomes unable to change. Ben travels to Scotland in search of a mystical healer who can possibly restore the beastly part of his nature. What Ben finds is a lot more than he bargained for.

Elspeth Campbell has secrets of her own! When Benjamin Westfield comes to Scotland looking for her mother, Elspeth is unsure how to respond. Since her mother's passing she has become the healer for her family, friends and the community at large. But, this beautiful young witch is unprepared for her feelings for the Englishman who bares the mark of the beast. Will Elspeth heed the warnings of her friends who tell her to leave Ben alone? Will Elspeth find out the mystery of her father? Will Benjamin be restored to his wolfish self? Will Ben and Elspeth find a love they never expected?

My Thoughts:

Tall, Dark and Wolfish is the second book by Lydia Dare about the Westfield brothers, Simon, William and Benjamin. Benjamin is the youngest Westfield and he has suddenly become unable to change into a werewolf with the full moon. The author has taken a historical setting and added a paranormal twist. We have the Lord's and the Ladies we've come to expect from historical fiction mixed with witches and werewolves we might find in the new sub-genre called paranormal romance. I find the combination of the two very intriguing.

Lydia Dare takes the reader on an adventure into Scotland, a land shrouded in mystery and ancient beliefs and customs. Here we meet the character of Elspeth Campbell and her coven sisters. Elspeth is a young witch and a mystical healer all wrapped up into one. The scandal regarding her parentage has taught her to take care of herself and she has become a strong woman. I really liked her character because she seemed strong yet when she was with Ben, she lets her vulnerable side show in how much she cares for him and needs him in her life. Benjamin's character was typical for a good historical novel. He's a scoundrel of sorts who finally finds the woman of his dreams only to find out that he may not be good enough for her. His beastly side makes him that much more interesting.

I enjoyed this book very much. I loved how the author used the Scottish brogue in the writing as well as showing some of the old customs and words. This series has really captivated my interest and I look forward to the third book in the series which will be out soon. I will be posting an interview with the author tomorrow, so that my readers can become more acquainted with the series and find out what is making Lydia Dare fast becoming one of my favorites.

Tall, Dark and Wolfish is available NOW from your favorite bookseller!

I give this one 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag!


Darlyn said...

Sounds pretty good. I mean, how many books that is historical setting with a paranormal twist.Well, i dont know much so i think this book seems great.I love when the is kind of a scoundrel and the girl being vulnerable whenever she's with someone she likes.Great review =)

Llehn said...

Awesome review! I love the title of the book! It says a lot :D

throuthehaze said...

This is a great series!