Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simply Marvelous Monday (24)

Sheliam at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books, gets all the credit for this one....

On Simply Marvelous Monday's at Debbie's Book Bag, we want to know... What are you reading???


The Wolf Next Door (The Westfield Wolves series - Book 3) by Lydia Dare (For review from Sourcebooks)
Never Let You Go by Erin Healy (For review from Phenix & Phenix Publicity)

Well I generally have a goal of finishing at least two books a week. I've met that goal, though I had a much bigger list. Unfortunately, several of the books I had on my list had close to 500 pages each and I am close to finishing at least two of those. I'm not under an extremely tight deadline on those, so I'm still O.K on my schedule. I hope to read a lot more than two this week though, if it works out. I am generally reading a print book, an e-book and listing to an audio book. My e-books and audio books don't take as much president as my print books. Just because I start it one week doesn't mean I'll finish it, as this week clearly shows... LOL! My goal is at least two books a week.


The Gamble (Loss of Certainty series - Book 2) by T.P. Jones (For review from Phenix & Phenix)
Captain Bonny Morgan: The Cassandra Prophesy by Robert "Doc" Gowdy (For review from Pump Up Your Book Promotions)
Freedom's Call by John Walker (For review from Phenix & Phenix)
Momology: A Mom's Guide to Shaping Great Kids by Shelly Radic (For review from Revell)
Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson (For review from Hachette Book Group)
Sweet Misfortune by Kevin Alan Milne (For review from Hachette Book Group)
Baodicea's Legacy (Baodicea series - Book 3) by Traci E. Hall (E-book for review from Medallion Press)
Outlander (Outlander series - Book 1) by Diana Gabaldon (E-book from the Library)
Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series - Book 1) by Laurell K. Hamilton (Audio book from the Library)

Biggest list I have ever put up on here. I don't expect to finish most of it, but I'm getting started on it. The first three I am almost done with. Momology is not a very long book. Backseat Saints and Sweet Misfortune both look excellent. I look forward to those two. Baodicea's Legacy doesn't have a deadline. Outlander and Guilty Pleasures are for pleasure, so no hurry on those. The last two will be definitely be an ongoing process. So this list is a lot of possibilities. Let's see what happens!


Stay by Allie Larkin (For review from Penguin)

Hard to put up an up next selection after that big list, LOL!


Lydia said...

Love the Outlander series and I didn't realize Joshilyn Jackson had a new book coming out Will have to check it out!

Here is my Monday!

Anna Marie said...

I enjoyed the Outlander series as well and read the first four in one great swoop, but then waiting for book five to be published I kind of lost interest. Maybe it is time to revisit them. Your reading list looks great; hope you enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on keeping up with your reading goal! Looks like you have lots of good books on the go right now. Happy reading :)

Jennifer said...

The Outlander Series is wonderful! Have a wonderful reading week. I like your goal of 2 books a week. My Monday:

Kathy Martin said...

You certainly have an interesting variety of books in your plans for next week. Good luck and happy reading!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

What a great list you have for your reading plan! Enjoy them all :)

Anonymous said...

Guilty Pleasures is so good. I hope to read Outlander soon. My mom has owned it for years and finally I talked her into letting me borrow it.

Ellz said...

Wow that is a huge list. I am lucky if I can get in 2 a week.

I saw Never Let you Go somewhere. review request maybe. I will have to check out your reviews.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

You do have an ambitious list, but lists are just goals, aren't they?

My Monday post:

E.J. Stevens said...

Guilty Pleasures was such a great book. I didn't like where the series went later but the first few books are amazing. :)

My What are you reading? is here.

Happy Monday. :)

From the Shadows

Unknown said...

I really admire that you can read/listen to so many at once! I find I just end up focusing on whichever book I like the best when I do that, lol. Have a great week!

Mine is here:

Unknown said...

Two books a week is a great goal. Love your list - thanks for the great recommends! You might also enjoy a new fantasy novel out by L.R. Saul called, "Bloodline Alliance." I found it to be different from other books like it because it has a great message about friendship, trust, and forgiveness. The characters are very well crafted and really stick with you. Love this one!