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Review and Giveaway: Hope Ignites

Hope Ignites (Hope - Book 2) by Jaci Burton

Publication Date: 03/25/2014
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Jove
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 304
ISBN-13: 978-0425259771

(Received for an honest review from Berkley Jove)

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Books in the series


1. Hope Flames
2. Hope Ignites

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Excerpt from, Hope Ignites, courtesy of the author's website (half way down the page)


From the New York Times bestselling author of Hope Flames and the hot new Play-by-Play novel, Melting the Ice, comes an all-new novel of small-town romance, second chances, and hope… 

When a movie crew asks to film on his cattle ranch, Logan McCormack doesn’t expect Desiree Jenkins, the young, sought-after star, to be so open, so down-to-earth, or so intimately interested in him. But the last thing a loner like Logan needs is a distraction like Des, who wouldn’t understand what it’s like to live peacefully off the land. 

But it’s Logan who doesn’t understand. What Des wants is an escape from paparazzi and gossip columns, and she’s found it at Logan’s ranch. Now it’s up to her to prove that she’s like any other girl looking to be accepted for who she is. And she’s hoping that it’s by this real-life cowboy who has everything it takes—and more—to give her the kind of happily ever after that can’t be found in the movies.


Jaci Burton's second novel in the Hope series, Hope Ignites is a study in the theory of opposite attraction. Burton brings readers a tale of a cowboy and actress, who is a lot different than what readers would assume. Burton's trademark sensuality exudes from this story and readers will find it hard not to like these amazing characters. Animals are still a huge part of the series, as is, family, friendship and the ties that bind. Burton's novel has all the qualities necessary for a great contemporary romance with a cowboy twist.

What I liked:

Jaci Burton is an author that understands the chemistry of her characters and what it takes to make the reader feel it. In all of her books from her erotic romances to her new contemporary series, Burton lets that spark of connection grow and expand until it is hard to understand why these characters don't see what's happening between them. I think it's a rare gift to be able to see the strands of romance floating around two people and Burton has it. The real trick is letting the reader see it too and she excels at that. Logan and Des in Hope Ignites have some serious attraction going on right from the beginning, but it's the small moments and the little things that develop it and let the reader in on it.

Des is an actress who isn't at all what the reader might expect. Most would think this character would be spoiled and selfish, but that's not the route that Burton took with this character. Des may be in the limelight but the limelight isn't in her. She is a down to earth character, who is self-confident and not afraid to go after what she wants. That has served her well in her career and now she is at a crossroads. She yearns for the peace and contentment she finds on the ranch where she is filming her latest movie and the comfort and companionship she finds in Logan. Burton has created an actress who doesn't really want to act. I loved her from the first paragraph about her and when she decided it was Logan she wanted she pursued him, now there's a novel idea.

Logan was the strong silent type. He is a bit of a brooder, which is something I sometimes like in a good hero. He lives and works on a huge ranch and has little need for people he doesn't come into contact with every day. He has his demons and they plague him to some extent where Des is concerned. Can she be happy on the ranch? Is she really interested in him, a common man? That sort of thing. Which came across as realistic and understandable. I thought he was a little too uncommunicative in most situations, but with Des he opened and the reader could see the kind of man he really was. Capable and caring, full of honor and dignity. A real cowboy! Jaci Burton and cowboys... now that's quite a combination!

The heat level for this book is much like the previous book in the series, Hope Flames. It isn't the searing, intense passion from Burton's erotic writing, but a more realistic kind of romance that the average reader can actually attain and that's very attractive. I think this kind of writing suits Burton and hope that she continues to explore writing contemporary romances. It doesn't have to be graphic for the reader to understand what's going on... leaving a little to the imagination is a good thing!

What I didn't like:

I thought Burton did a better job with this book than the first in the series. She is finding her niche in this genre and there wasn't really a lot to criticize with this one. I thought the hero could have been a bit more open and had a stronger personality, but if the reader gave him a chance he certainly could grow on you.

Bottom Line:

A great second effort in this new writing style for Burton. This book had two very opposite characters who come together to form a great romantic connection. Burton explores the female taking the lead and it worked well. I think this is a great series and I hope Burton continues to try her hand at the contemporary genre. She's definitely getting the hang of it. 

Hope Ignites is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Jaci Burton is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author who lives in Oklahoma with her husband and dogs. She has three grown children who are all scattered around the country having lives of their own. A lover of sports, Jaci can often tell what season it is by what sport is being played. She watches entirely too much television, including an unhealthy amount of reality TV. When she isn’t on deadline, which is often, Jaci can be found at her local casino, trying to become a millionaire (so far, no luck). She’s a total romantic and loves a story with a happily ever after, which you’ll find in all her books.

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krg said...

I think it is tough and doesn't happen very often but it is possible for a movie star to have a spouse who is not in the business. It would take a confidant person to trust the movie star and a movie star with great character and loyalty to keep their relationship strong and their lives private. I'm sure movie stars just want something real in their lives sometimes because it can get tiring living a life that is built around make believe Not being able to trust if people are just telling you want you want to hear or with you either because you are paying them or because of your fame.

Texas Book Lover said...

Since I am not a movie star I don't know but I would think it is maybe easier than getting with another moview star and having the complication of having to manage two crazy schedules and competing with each other.

traveler said...

rare since movie stars are a different type whose lives revolve around superficial things. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Brooke Showalter said...

I think it's possible but really, really rare. It would be hard for someone 'regular' to understand celebrity life and vice versa. I love these covers and this sounds like a really good series.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't see why not!

Unknown said...

I am sure it's possible, but I think they have a lot more risks involved in doing so. Like the possibility of black mail, or a video tape coming out, or fake pregnancy. Unless like they knew the person before they got famous maybe?

Anita Yancey said...

I would say that it does happen for movies stars to hook up with real people, but I just don't think that it would last very long.


bn100 said...

don't find it that interesting; could be possible

lag123 said...

I do think it is possible but not something that happens very often.

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