Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winners Post

It's been awhile since I've done a winners post because I am trying to get on a new schedule. This time there will be tons of winners. The next winners post will be on May 15th (hopefully) and there will only be a few winners. After that I will do a winners post on the 15th and 30th of each month. On the fifteen the winners post will consist of the giveaways closing between the 15th and 30th of the previous month. The winners post on the 30th will consist of the giveaways ending between the 1st and the 15th of the month. Does that make sense? I hope so, because it does to me. Basically, 2 winners posts a month, the 15th and the 30th. But it will take a little while to get it sorted out, by May 15th we will be on track. 

I want to thank everyone for participating in all of these wonderful giveaways. We have always had greater success with the giveaways for cozy mysteries here on the blog, but the other genres are starting to catch on as well. Get out of your comfort zone a little bit... try something new. I know you'll be glad you did. I've reviewed a ton of great books in all sorts of genres lately. It's been a good year.

Now for the good stuff. Winners will be notified later today or tomorrow and publishers no later than Friday. All winners are chosen by random.org. And new giveaways are posted almost everyday. 

Shunned and Dangerous by Laura Bradford
Winner: Carol Wong

Dead Between the Lines by Denise Swanson
Winner: Brooke Bumgardner

Some Like It Wild by M. Leighton
Winner: Anita Yancey

Berkley Prime Crime's 20th Anniversery Giveaway
Winner: Karen Barnett

Sweet Tea Revenge by Laura Childs
Winner: Sheila Korman

Inherit the Word by Daryl Wood Gerber
Winner: Linda Kish

Pearls and Poison by Duffy Brown
Winner: Natasha Donohoo

Spirited by Mary Behre
Winner: Deb Soliz

Iced to Death by Peg Cochran
Winner: Kimberlee Gibbs

Seduced by Fire - Tara Sue Me
Winner: Lisa Garrett

Willing Sacrifice by Shannon K. Butcher
Winner: bn100

How to Paint a Cat by Rebecca M. Hale
Winner: Nancy Luebke

Keeping Mum by Alyse Carlson
Winner: Charlotte Wills

Spinning in Her Grave by Molly McRae
Winner: Helen Kotowske

Flirting With Fangs 3-book series by Ashlyn Chase
Winner: Janie McGaugh

Werewolf in Las Vegas by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Winner: Diane Sallans

What a Woman Wants by Judi Fennell
Winner: Martha Lawson

Desperately Seeking Suzanna by Elizabeth Michels
Winner: Annette N

Fallen Beauty by Erika Robuck
Winner: Cyn209

Steeped in Evil by Laura Childs
Winner #1: Barbara Tobey
Winner #2: Sue Farrell

The Dark Affair by Marie Claremont
Winner: CrystalGB

Theirs to Cherish by Shayla Black
Winner: Joanne B

Need You Tonight by Roni Loren
Winner: Texas Book Lover

Carolina Man - Virginia Kantra
Winner: Debra Woloson

Feel the Rush by Kelsie Leverich
Winner: Chelsea B

Murder on Bamboo Lane by Naomi Hirahara
Winner: Deja 

Reaper's Vow by Sarah McCarty
Winner: Michelle Willms

Ghost of a Gamble by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Winner: Bonnie G

Cole's Redemption by J.D. Tyler
Winner: Lea-Ellen Borg

Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen
Winner: Virginia Winfielf

Widows Tears by Susan Wittig Albert
Winner: Gloria

Sugar and Iced by Jenn McKinlay
Winner: Anne Berger

Death on Eat Street by J.J. Cook
Winner: Janel Gradowski

The Blackwoods Farm Enquiry by Ann Purser
Winner: griperang

The Whole Cat and Caboodle by Sofie Ryan
Winner: Alicia Farage

A Roux of Revenge by Connie Archer
Winner: Carol M

How to Handle a Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy
Winner: Ruth Curcuru


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Congrats to all the winners! Happy reading!

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Congrats winners!

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Congrats to the winners