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Review and Giveaway: What a Woman Gets

What a Woman Gets (Manley Maids - Book 3) by Judy Fennell

Publication Date: 11/04/2014
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley Sensation
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 320
ISBN-10: 0425268314
ISBN-13: 978-0425268315

(Received for an honest review from Berkley Sensation)

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Books in the series

Manley Maids

1. What a Woman Wants
2. What a Woman Needs
3. What a Woman Gets

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Excerpt from, What a Woman Gets, courtesy of Amazon's Look Inside feature.


What happens when three irresistibly sexy brothers lose a poker bet to their enterprising sister? They get hired out for her housecleaning venture. Now, the Manley Maids are at your service. Satisfaction guaranteed. It’s what a woman gets...
Business owner Liam Manley has no patience for women like Cassidy Davenport—women happy to spend a man’s money without giving a thought to any actual work. But to make good on his bet, Liam must not only tolerate the couture-clad socialite, he’ll have to clean up after her. Until Cassidy’s father suddenly cuts off her finances. With no money and no home for Liam to clean, Cassidy has no choice but to accept a job offer—as Liam’s new maid…
Liam is eager to teach her a lesson about the real world, but he winds up learning a few things himself. Free from her father’s influence, Cassidy can finally pursue her own life, and winds up showing Liam how resourceful and determined she can be. Not to mention how sexy she is with (or without) that designer wardrobe. But when sparks fly between them, will it be true love…or just another messy affair?


Judi Fennell returns with the third book in the Manley Maids series, What a Woman Gets. This is a light-hearted romantic series with a lot of humor and sweet romance. It has heat, conflict, pain, joy, and so many other emotions. Readers will be caught up in what happens when three brothers lose a bet to their younger sister who puts them to work cleaning houses for her maid service. It's a great romp with plenty of steamy moments and tenderness to keep readers entertained.

What I liked:

Liam is the third Manley brother to pay up on the bet by cleaning a socialites house. Liam is a successful business man and it seems a little beneath him to be vacuuming and doing laundry. Fennell does a good job of showing Liam's dislike for Cassidy's lifestyle and the person he believes her to be. It was interesting watching his gradual change in attitude toward Cassidy and how he was able to see past his previous relationship with Rachel and see Cassidy for the woman she was. He doesn't just change his tune overnight and that seemed realistic and believable. He starts out being very disdainful and condescending toward her which was a little harsh in my opinion but he makes up for it when he gets to the point that he can't deny he is attracted to her.

Cassidy was a great heroine. She has lived in the lap of luxury all of her life, but it has come at high cost. Her father expects certain things from her and doesn't understand that she doesn't want to live the kind of life he wants for her. She has hopes and dreams of her own and when she finally stands up to him and he threatens to take everything away, she stands her ground and loses it all. She was tenacious and spunky and she had a great head on her shoulders. She has to take a step down in life and ends up cleaning Liam's house, but she also gets a chance to do something she really loves. Her love for re-purposing furniture and making it beautiful again was interesting and fun to read about.

These two were meant for each other, though it took them a while to figure it out. The build up was slow and real. They didn't just hop in bed at a moments notice, every interaction between them was meaningful. There were a lot of things standing in their way including Cassidy's overbearing father and Liam's past with his ex. This was a good love story with a ton of humor and a great balance. Fennell has a knack for putting the right characters together.

Bottom Line:

I am enjoying this series a lot. I like the fact that all three of the books so far have coincided in time with scenes that overlap. This one has a lot of humor and some very sweet romantic moments, but it still brings the heat and readers will love it. Even though the conflict was understated, it still had teeth and added a lot to the story. Can't wait to see where Fennell goes next with this wonderful family.

What a Woman Gets is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Judi Fennell, author of What a Woman Wants and What a Woman Needs, has had her nose in a book and her head in some celestial realm all her life, including those early years when her mom would exhort her to “get outside!” instead of watching Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie on television. So she did—right into Dad’s hammock with her Nancy Drew books. These days she’s more likely to have her nose in her laptop and her head (and the rest of her) at a favorite writing spot, but she’s still reading either her latest manuscript or her friends’ books, or helping authors bring their books to readers with her formatting business. A PRISM and Golden Leaf Award winner, Judi is the author of lighthearted romantic comedies. She lives in suburban Philadelphia with her own menagerie—which might just include a few of the two-legged kind. Check out excerpts, deleted scenes, reviews, and contests, as well as the chance to dive into a whole new world, on her website.

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