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Review and Giveaway: To Kiss a Kilted Warrior

To Kiss a Kilted Warrior (Claimed by the Highlander - Book 3) by Rowan Keats

Publication Date: 12/02/2014
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Signet Eclipse
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 368
ISBN-10: 0451470869
ISBN-13: 978-0451470867

(Received for an honest review from Signet Eclipse)

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Books in the series

Claimed by the Highlander

1. Taming a Wild Scot
2. When a Laird Takes a Lady
3. To Kiss a Kilted Warrior

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Excerpt from, To Kiss a Kilted Warrior, courtesy of the author's website.


In the Highlands of Scotland, love and passion rage as fiercely as the storms that sweep the land—and nothing comes between a clan and its laird, a lass and her kin, or man and his chosen woman... 

Shunned by her village, weaver Morag Cameron lives a solitary existence in the woods—until the night she finds a sorely wounded Highlander by the loch. Under her care, the handsome warrior slowly recovers his strength, but his memories have disappeared. Morag is torn. For if she helps him regain his past, she may sacrifice a life with the man she has come to love...

Wulf MacCurran wants nothing more than to claim Morag as his own, but his past holds too many dangerous secrets—secrets that put them both in mortal danger. He must discover who attacked him and left him for dead. Traveling to Edinburgh, Wulf and Morag find themselves swept into a mystery with the power to determine the fate of their passions—and change Scotland forever...


To Kiss a Kilted Warrior is the third book in Rowan Keats', Claimed by the Highlander series. Readers who have followed the series will enjoy finding out the secrets of the man and black and his determination to destroy clan McCurran. The strong love story between a man who has lost his memory and a shunned woman is both endearing and captivating. Keats shows a great love for Scotland and it's people and her writing shows the true Highland spirit in a way that most authors can't come close to. A great new addition to this very memorable series!

What I liked:

I have really enjoyed the Claimed by a Highlander series from it's inception. I am from Scottish ancestry and it is imperative to me that an author who writes Scottish romances understand what and who they are writing about. The more I read from this author, the more sure I become that she has not only done her homework, but she 'cares' about these people and characters. She portrays the Highland spirit and way of life in the kind of light that shines on it's courage and determination. Very well done!

Wulf McCurran holds the key to finding out who the man in black is and what he was truly after. The problem is he can't remember it. After being mortally wounded Wulf's memory has all but disappeared. He is finally reunited with is family in this book, but he doesn't really know them, including his son. He has been living a simple existence in the care of a weaver who has been shunned by her own people. But the man in black isn't quite finished with him. I loved the fact that Keats, picks up right where the last book ended. The overall story arc so far in the series is coming to a close with this book, and Keats doesn't keep her readers wondering. She lays it all out here and ties up a lot of loose ends. But there are a lot more stories to be told about these wonderful Highlanders. I am glad that I got Wulf's story in this one, it was well worth the time.

I thought Wulf was an amazing character. He has this kind of silent command about him. Even though it is obvious that he has been injured and that he cannot remember, he is still a formidable foe. A seasoned warrior, a father and kind man, Wulf was the perfect hero. He wants revenge for what has happened to him, the lose of his wife and other child, his memories. It all piles up and he has to do something. I loved his grit and determination. But most of all his caring nature. He loved Morag, he just wanted to make sure he could protect her.

For Morag it was all about trust. If she tells him who his really is, is she protecting him or sending him to his death? If she helps him find out who the man in black is, will she lose him forever? She has to trust in Wulf as a man and in herself to do the right thing. I found her courageous and very loving. If you love someone you will do most anything for them and she proves that again and again in this book. A formidable heroine in every sense of the word.

Bottom Line:

If you haven't tried this series, what are you waiting for? It's simply one of the best Scottish romance series' out right now. Rowan Keats, gets the Highland people. She understands what makes them tick and she writes them with passion and a bit of enchantment. She makes you believe in the Highland spirit and the tenacity and courage of the Scots. Just an amazing book!

To Kiss a Kilted Warrior is available NOW from you favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Rowan Keats graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honours degree in Business. She worked as a banker, stock broker, and marketing director before returning to her true calling: writing. Born to a French-Canadian father and a Scottish-Danish mother, she has centuries of rich history to draw from when penning her romantic tales of days gone by.

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