Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winner's Post and News!

It's time again for another winner's post. I have the winner's from some of the recent giveaways and also the two winners from the "Cooking up a Contest" blog contest. I think the contest was a little too hard for some to understand or more likely too much trouble to participate in. Originally, I was going to choose a winner from the regulars on the blog who enter giveaways, that were signing up for giveaways that were outside their comfort zone. Several of you did that and I chose my first winner from those followers. The second winner was supposed to be chosen from those new readers you had referred, but unfortunately they were too few to pick from. So, I just put everyone's name who had participated in any giveaway during the contest time period in the hat so to speak and drew from everyone for the second winner. The ten books for each winner will be mailed out around the middle of December. I will add a mix of ARC's from cozies and other genres I receive. We may do something similar again if you think this was successful let me know.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the giveaways this time around and I have some ideas on getting new followers that I will be putting into place soon. I will be participating in some blog hops and things that are being posted in a lot of places to bring in new readers. And we'll see how it goes.

I am back to a full schedule of Penguin cozies for December, which I am sure will make a lot of people happy! I have also been given several cozies from Pocket books to review. Those will not offer giveaways at this time, but may in the future. 

I have also been doing a few reviews for Penguin Intermix, which is Penguin's e-book line. Those will not have giveaways, as they are mostly novellas and short fiction from authors you already know about from here on the blog. But I love all those little extra stories from series' and authors I am already reading and wanted to introduce you to them as well.

That's all the news for the time being!

Winners will be notified later this evening and publishers will be notified tomorrow morning.

Here are your winners!

Picked To Die by Sheila Connolly 
Winner: Ashley

Undead and Unwary by MaryJanice Davidson 
Winner: Theresa Norris

Carolina Blues by Virginia Kantra 
Winner: Beth C

One Potion in the Grave by Heather Blake 
Winner: Peg

Priestess Dreaming by Yasmine Galenorn 
Winner: Nora-Adrienne

Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda James 
Winner: Julia Holden  (holdenj)

Unbinding by Eileen Wilks 
Winner: Anita Yancey

Murder Off the Beaten Path by M.L. Rowland 
Winner: Lisa Brown

The Forgiven by Marta Perry 
Winner: Wendy Newcomb

Rules for a Proper Governess by Jennifer Ashley 
Winner: Debra Bechard

A Place Called Harmony by Jodie Thomas 
Winner: Virginia Winfield

"Cooking Up a Contest" blog Contest
Winner #1: holdenj
Winner #2: Charline Bonham


holdenj said...

Thanks Debbie and congrats to all the lucky winners!
Looking forward to December. I know what you mean about those e-novella type stories. Although short, sometimes it's a lot of fun to revisit favorite characters.

Karen B said...

Congrats to all the winners - and happy reading!