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Review: The Marriage Charm

The Marriage Charm (Brides of Bliss County - Book 2) by Linda Lael Miller

Publication Date: 01/27/2015
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: HQN Books
Genre: Western Romance
Pages: 304

(Received for an honest review from HQN Books)

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Books in the series

Brides of Bliss County

1. The Marriage Pact
2. The Marriage Charm

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Excerpt from, The Marriage Charm, courtesy of the authors website.


The women of Bliss County have a pact—to find husbands. The right husbands. 

One already has: Hadleigh Stevens, who married rancher Tripp Galloway a few months ago. Now Melody Nolan thinks it's her turn. Melody has recently found success as a jewelry designer, and her work is the focus of her life. She's not exactly unhappy, but she wants more. She's always been attracted to Spence Hogan, the local chief of police, but she's convinced that Spence, a notorious charmer, isn't what you'd call husband material. 

Spence is a good cop who isn't scared of anything—except love. And he's done everything he can to preserve his reputation as a womanizer—a reputation that keeps marriage-minded women, including Melody, at bay. And yet…there's something about Melody he can't forget. Something his heart can't ignore.


Linda Lael Miller starts out the second book in The Brides of Bliss county series with a bang. The Marriage Charm starts with a big old fashioned western wedding and ends up with another one of the women finding love. This time it's Melody, a jewelry designer, who created the charm bracelets the women wear to remind them of them of their pact to find good men and husbands. Readers who love a good western romance will fall in love with this one. A good addition to a wonderful series!

Western romance just wouldn't be the same without one of the best western romance writers out there. Linda Lael Miller is known for her writing in this genre. She is one of the leaders when it comes to good quality stories set in the west and The Marriage Charm is no exception. This book is at it's heart a romance, but it also is about friendship and family. This is a heartwarming tale of a young woman in love with a man who has a few issues. It was nice to see how Miller brought the situation to a head and kept the reader engaged all the way through. A hallmark of a great writer. 

Melody is one of my favorite Bliss women. She is a jewelry designer who has a lot going for her. She has a great career, some wonderful friends and her cats to keep her busy, but she is missing something or more appropriately someone. She has always had a crush on the police chief, Spencer, but nothing ever came of it because he tended to be a womanizer. But she has no idea the reasons behind is reluctance for commitment. What a great character! Miller makes her endearing to the reader, yet she is resourceful and able to handle herself well.

Spence was a real gem too. I liked him a lot and I felt for him. He has abandonment issues because his parents dropped him when he was nine and he was raised by his aunt. He turned out to be a really good man and that's what Melody needs, but he can't get past, the past. I loved watching him begin to open up and let Melody into his buttoned up heart. The character development was excellent and readers will just fall in love with this couple.

Bottom Line:

Another great western romance by a great author. You can't go wrong with Linda Lael Miller if this is the kind of romance you like. She is a true professional and wonderful writer. The characters are engaging and lovable and readers will be charmed by the setting and the animal involvement as well as a touch of mystery. A great read!

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I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

The daughter of a town marshal, Linda Lael Miller is the author of more than 100 historical and contemporary novels. Now living in Spokane, Washington, the “First Lady of the West” hit a career high when all three of her 2011 Creed Cowboy books debuted at #1 on the New York Times list. In 2007, the Romance Writers of America presented her their Lifetime Achievement Award. She personally funds her Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women. Visit her at

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