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Review: Unforgiven

Unforgiven (Soulkeepers - Book 3) by Lori Adams

Publication Date: 04/21/2015
Publisher: Random House
Imprint: Flirt
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Books in the series


1. Forbidden
2. Awaken
3. Unforgiven



Otherworldly desire and paranormal action reach new heights in the final installment of The Soulkeepers. As Sophia St. James moves Heaven and Hell to claim her destiny, questions are answered, secrets are revealed—and immortal love is tested.

After finally becoming a powerful Spirit Walker, Sophia St. James is shocked to discover that her conjured identical twin, Ka—along with her soul—have been dragged down to Hell by the relentless Demon Knight Dante. Sophia tries to hide the crisis, but there is little hope of keeping any secrets from her red-hot Guardian Angel. Growing suspicious, Michael has been making plans of his own that will bind him and Sophia together forever.

But Sophia is plagued with evil visions through Ka’s experiences in Hell. She is terrified that Dante will discover he has taken the wrong Sophia. Desperate to return to her original state before she withers away and dies, she risks everything to go where Michael can’t follow. To bring back Ka and save her own soul, Sophia must now enter the gates of Hell.


Lori Adams brings readers the final book in the Soulkeepers series, Unforgiven. Sophia is back at Haven Hurst and in some deep trouble as she tries to figure out how to keep the others from finding out they have a Spirit Walker who's soul is currently residing in Hell with her split personality. Yep... it's a little complicated. Fans of the series will love the final book because it answers all the questions left from the previous books and gives a satisfying outcome to Sophia's love life. Michael or Dante? It's time to choose!

What I liked:

This isn't your typical angel vs. demon story. The Soulkeepers series has been really interesting. The mythology that Adams has created for this series is very detailed and plausible. I liked the fact that Michael as a guardian angel was still able to fall in love with Sophia. I liked the fact that Dante as a demon knight still loves Sophia. Now I'm not necessarily a fan of reincarnation but Dante and Sophia's love from the past was fun to read about and contemplate. The splitting of Sophia's soul and how her twin Ka came into existence took a lot of imagination. These are all details that come out in the first two books of the series, but they lead up to a very chaotic final book in Unforgiven. 

There were a lot of questions to be answered before this series could wrap up in a meaningful way. I thought Adams did a great job of resolving all of those nagging little threads that were still hanging out there. Is this really a story about good vs evil? Heaven vs. Hell? I don't think so. I think at it's very core this is a story about true love overcoming any obstacle including demon knights and angel warriors. I think Adams wanted to turn the whole idea of angels and demons on it's head and she did that in spades. 

Unforgiven sends Sophia into the pits of hell in order to retrieve her twin and her soul. Now that's an interesting premise. In the mean time she is having this secret romance with Michael, which she shouldn't be having because he's an angel. And on top of that she is now going somewhere he can't follow her, and he can't protect her. I was on pins and needles just trying to work through all of the ways this could really, really right or really, really wrong. Dante is a formidable force whether in or out of Hell and I had to wonder if Sophia was up to that challenge. Adams had me going with this one... it was a real roller-coaster ride that ended in a great way. I wasn't sure but she pulled it out!

What I didn't like:

I'm one of those people that loves attention to detail. I like to know every little nook and cranny about what's going on and where it is happening and what it looks like and smells like and all that. I never would have believed I would have detail! But that's what happens with this one. Too much about Hell... yep, I said, Hell. I was sitting their scratching my head. Has she been there or what? lol Too much of a good thing I guess.

Bottom Line:

This is a good book. I liked it by itself and as part of the series. It could be read as a stand alone but I don't recommend it. You need the background on this series to make it good. There is so much going on here that might be hard to understand without knowing what has gone on before. Great characters and a great storyline. Loved the mythology created here and the end was quite satisfying. The ultimate good boy vs. bad boy choice. This is a good one. 

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I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Penguin Random House author Lori Adams is originally from Oklahoma and lives in Southern California with her husband and two daughters. She is the author of the Young Adult/New Adult paranormal romance trilogy, THE SOULKEEPERS: FORBIDDEN, AWAKEN, UNFORGIVEN.

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