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Review: Sit, Stay, Love

Sit, Stay, Love (Rescue Me - Book 2) by Debbie Burns

Publication Date: 04/03/2018
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Imprint: Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 416

(Received for an honest review from Sourcebooks Casablanca via Netgalley)

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Books in the series:

Rescue Me

1. A New Leash on Love
2. Sit, Stay, Love

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Excerpt from Sit, Stay, Love, courtesy of Amazon's Look Inside feature


These dogs aren't the only ones in need of rescue
For devoted no-kill shelter worker Kelsey Sutton, rehabbing a group of rescue dogs is a welcome challenge. Working with a sexy ex-military dog handler who needs some TLC himself? That's a different story.
Kurt Crawford keeps his heart locked away from everyone. Well, everyone except the dogs who need his help...and always have his back. But as Kurt gets to know the compassionate, beautiful woman he's been assigned to work with, he can't help but feel a little puppy love...


Debbie Burns returns with the second book in the Rescue Me series, Sit, Stay, Love. Readers who are also dog lovers will find this one particularly appealing. With a house full of fighting dogs, a former military dog handler with PTSD, and a very invested neighbor, Kelsey has her hands full. You'll love her sweet and saucy personality as she navigates love and rescue dogs. Burn gives us, a slow build romance that gets to the heart of what the saying, 'opposites attract' really means. This one is a keeper!

What I liked:

To start with I really liked the whole idea of this series. As an avid reader I read a lot of books about a lot of things and I always find myself drawn to books about rescue animals. Main character Kelsey works for a no-kill animal shelter, which I think is amazing. There needs to be tons more of these kinds of shelters and I think books like this show awareness to the issues. It also shines a light on the rigors and taking care of animals that have been abused and need special care. This aspect of the book was really Burns' fortay.

A lot of the book was focused on the animals and the mansion that has been donated as a shelter. A dog fighting ring is busted and Kelsey finds herself moving in with a bunch of dogs that have seen better days. From injuries to abuse. I loved the fact that she took on such a huge challenge. She comes across as a character that is almost too sweet at times, but the reader will have no problem seeing her love for her work and these animals. She is driven and optimistic and I felt like that was what was needed in the main character of a book like this. Burns did an amazing job of making Kelsey someone readers would believe was so invested.

Ahhh, Kurt. What a great character. Not only an ADHD sufferer but also dealing with PTSD on top of that. I have a soft spot for military men and Kurt was no exception. I liked the fact that Burns shows him as very clinical in some ways but also very efficient and very loving with the animals. His relationship with Kelsey showed such vulnerability and trust once it got going. This one is a slow build, but that's perfect for the type of book it is. This one doesn't have bombs going off or kidnappings or all that crazy stuff. It's more about an everyday kind of life and love and that was such a nice break from books that need too much action to move the plot.

What I didn't like:

Kelsey is a real sweetie pie and that could come off as a bit saccharine to some readers. You know those overly perky chicks at the drive through window at 6:00 am... Oh yeah the ones you wanna just slap. She could come off like that in the beginning, so give her character a chance to marinate a bit. She gets better. I liked her chatty optimism but not everyone would. 

Kurt needs some help. A counselor, a therapist, a good friend to talk to. I don't know but I felt like he had some issues that were addressed but not really solved here. I wanted to see him get some relief from some of the things that were weighing so heavy on him. My only real gripe.

Bottom Line:

If you love dogs and rescue stories, this one is just a really good read. The romance is a slow builder and it when it gets steamy, it fits perfectly. I loved the mansion and the story behind it and the eclectic secondary characters like Ida. Lots of good stuff here. Plenty for the reader to sink their teeth in (see what I did there lol...) 

Sit, Stay, Love is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Debbie Burns debut novel, A New Leash on Love, book one of the Rescue Me series, debuts July 4, 2017. Debbie's writing commendations include first place awards for short stories, flash fiction, and longer selections, and her romances have finaled in multiple RWA chapter contests. She resides in St. Louis, Missouri. You can find her on Twitter @_debbieburns and at

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