Friday, March 12, 2010

Review: Bittersweet Rain

My Synopsis:

Bittersweet Rain by Sandra Brown

(Audio book from the Library)

Everybody said that Caroline Dawson, wouldn't amount to again. The daughter of the town drunk, she didn't have a chance. But, were they ever wrong. Thanks to a mysterious benefactor Caroline went to college and got a good job after returning home. Must to the chagrin of everyone in town she later married Roscoe Lancaster, a man 30 years her senior and the richest man around.

When Roscoe dies, Caroline has to contend with his business, his mentally challenged daughter, The Retreat, his fancy estate. But, she isn't quite sure she can handle his estranged son, Rink. Rink and Caroline are not strangers. They shared a torrid summer romance long ago. Will Caroline be able to control her feelings for Rink? Will Rink be able to forgive her for marrying his father?

My thoughts:

This is one of Sandra Brown's earlier novels originally published under the name, Erin St. Claire for Silhouette Intimate Moments. I had never read anything by Sandra Brown before and I liked this one, although I'm sure I would prefer her later work. It is interesting however to see the growth of a writer over a long period of time.

I liked the way she developed Caroline's character, you can see her as a shy young girl, with a troubled home life. How she was able to rise above the town gossips and the nay sayers and make something of herself. Later we see her as a vibrant young woman, with good business sense and a caring heart as she cares for Roscoe's daughter. Caroline personify's what many would consider a "strong" woman.

Rink is a very solid character as well. We can see him as a young man who realizes that his actions may have consequences, and takes his time and patience with Caroline who is much younger than him. We can see that he is very unlike his father. He is honest and hardworking. He loves his home and has been forced to leave it, as well as the woman he loves because of principals.

It was good book, though maybe not a favorite of mine.

I'll give this one 3 out of 5 apples from my book bag!


Ellz said...

Good review. I have never read any Sandra Brown either, although I have heard good things. Thanks for the review.

bittenbyromance said...

Great review, I have a award for you at my blog please come by and pick it up:)

Cherry said...

Nicely dissected and good review Justpeachy. Though this is not my usual read. My reads usually involves magic with romance :)

mischivusfairy-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com

dobby said...

Good review! I've read a few of Sandra Brown's books written under Erin St. Claire. On the whole I've enjoyed them, but they are very dated compared to her later works.

Martha Eskuchen said...

Very good review. I find Sandra Brown books can have good elements but be a so-so read and then others are wonderful reads. You can't always tell which it will be until you read it!

Llehn said...

I think character growth is very important in a book. Otherwise what's the point? I love the title!

Mystica said...

I did read a Sandra Brown sometime ago but it did not impress me at all. Thank you for this review.

throuthehaze said...

Good review! I haven't read Sandra Brown before but this actually sounds pretty interesting.

ninefly said...

I've seen this author mentioned a lot, but since I don't really read romance, I've never tried any of her books
in this book especially, I'm a bit conflicted as to defining a woman as "strong" if she seems to base her life on the influence of men (why did she marry roscoe? why does she need rink's forgiveness?)
thanks for the review though, maybe I will like her other works more than this...

EVA SB said...

Sandra Brown is another author who is popular at our local library but I had never read one of her books.
Following your review I think I might give her a try.

Shy said...

Not an author that I'm used to. But it is interesting to find out if they end up falling in love.