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Review and Giveaway: Not Until You

Not Until You (Loving on the Edge - Book 3.5) by Roni Loren

Publication Date: 11/04/2014
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley Books
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Pages: 432
ISBN-10: 0425275035
ISBN-13: 978-0425275030

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Books in the series

Loving on the Edge

   1. Crash Into You
   2. Melt Into You
   3. Fall Into You
3.5. Not Until You
   4. Caught Up In You
   5. Need You Tonight

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WARNING: This book is adult in nature and not acceptable for readers under the age of 18.

Excerpt from, Not Until You, courtesy of the author's website.



Cela knows how to be good. She's had a lifetime of practice. But on the night of her college graduation, she decides she's earned one wild night before she has to move back home to her overprotective family. So when the hot neighbor she's been quietly fantasizing about for a year suggests a game of Never Have I Ever, she's ready. But what starts out as a simple game takes an unexpected turn. Because Ian Foster doesn't play games he can't win.

Foster knows his desires aren't for the faint of heart, especially not for someone as sweet and innocent as his pretty neighbor. But when Cela shows up at his door with an invitation that surprises him, he can't resist indulging. Cela has no idea what she's in for. The secret dark side of this man's need will both intrigue and terrify her. But Cela has a secret of her own--and a new game to see just how far they're both willing to go, and how much they're willing to risk by crossing every boundary of desire.

This Edition Only: A New Loving on the Edge Short Story!


Originally produced as an eight part serial storyline, Not Until You, brings it all together! Roni Loren is wonderful erotic storyteller, who knows how to write about the BDSM world in an enlightening and entertaining way. Readers looking for a steamy-hot love story will find this one irresistible. Coming in between books 3 and 4 in the Loving On the Edge series, this book is all about innocence and exploration. What happens when a submissive veterinary student meets a dominate CEO? A whole lot of fun!

What I liked:

I have been reading Roni Loren books for a long time and it never ceases to amaze me at how Loren is able to make her stories seem so fresh and new, even though they are generally following the same theme. The BDSM lifestyle has a lot of variety and can come in many forms, but you would think that are only so many ways it can be described. Not so, and Loren is a master at giving the reader diversity and change in her novels. I like that I get a different story every time and not just a re-hashing of something the writer has already done. 

Not Until You is a part of the Loving On the Edge series and readers who have been there since the beginning of the story will love the way this one fits into the series. This book was originally written as an eight part serial and falls between books 3 and 4 of the series, but it can be read as a standalone as most of Loren's books can. There are some cameos with characters from previous books, like Cela's brother and other members of The Ranch a BDSM club that is a major part of the series. It ties in very well.

Cela is veterinary medicine student who has just graduated. She has always been a good girl, who always did what was expected of her and never got the chance to explore her sexual desires. But in this book, she is living next door to some pretty rowdy neighbors. Pike and Foster aren't your typical roommates, in fact they share more than just the apartment. Cela is captivated and also terrified by them. Watching her start to open up and explore what she desired was like watching a flower bloom. I liked the fact that Loren chose to make Cela an innocent girl and how she introduces her to the BDSM scene and what it means to love someone who is a part of it. A heroine who had a lot to learn but wasn't afraid to try.

Foster is what I would call a man on a tight leash. He is a CEO and has a certain air of command about him. But it always seems like he's barely keeping his dominate side under control. I liked that feeling of urgency within him. He had been watching Cela for a long time and when he got the opportunity to finally spend some erotic time with her, he seemed to have a difficulty keeping it light. There was a darkness in him that was tantalizing but also a little bit scary. 

The relationship that develops between these two is passionate to say the least. Both of them seem to be at very different places in their lives. Cela is just starting out and Foster is more seasoned. She treats things almost like a game in the beginning and he is playing for much higher stakes. I wasn't entirely sure if Loren could bring them to the same place, but I shouldn't have worried, she is a master at bringing it all together. And what the reader gets is an intense reading experience.

Bottom Line:

I enjoyed this addition to the series very much. Keep in mind it is an erotic romance and there is more going on the bedroom than vanilla sex. It's intense, passionate and emotional. Loren writes BDSM with the best of them and this book is another great example of her writing prowess.

Not Until You is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Roni Loren lives in Dallas with her husband and son. She is the author of Not Until You and Need You Tonight.  If she’s not working on her latest sexy story, you can find her reading, watching reality television, or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to rockstars, er, rock concerts—yeah, that’s it.

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