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Review and Giveaway: Only For You

Only For You (One Night of Passion - Book 3) by Beth Kery

Publication Date: 12/02/2014
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley Books
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 368
ISBN-10: 0425266141
ISBN-13: 978-0425266144

(Received for an honest review from Berkley Books)

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Books in the series:

One Night of Passion

1. Addicted To You (writing as Bethany Kane)
2. Exposed To You
3. Only For You 

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Excerpt from, Only For You, courtesy of the author's website.

WARNING: This novel is inappropriate for readers under the age of 18.


Some passions are too hot to disguise…

Former Army intelligence officer Seth Hightower may work with the Hollywood elite as a makeup artist, but he’s learned not to trust the rich and famous with anything more than a good time. Only one woman ever tempted him to break his rules about dating actresses—and she left him with the memory of a single night and a lifetime of what-ifs.

Hollywood “It” girl Gia Harris is used to being in the spotlight. But after she witnesses something that puts her life in danger, she needs to avoid prying eyes. Seth’s special skills make him the perfect person to keep her famous face out of the news, but their history makes him the last person she wants to be alone with. He’s far too tempting—and now, far too close…

As Seth conceals Gia from those who would do her harm, they can’t ignore the blistering attraction between them. And when they give in to their cravings, they reveal more about themselves than either of them has ever laid bare before…


Beth Kery's One Night of Passion series continues with book three, Only For You. The series is based on one night stands that turn into lasting romances. Set in the highly exposed world of Hollywood, this series is both tantalizing and captivating. Readers who are looking for a steamy read that will capture the imagination will love this one. Seth is a former Army Intelligence officer, turned make-up artist to the stars and Gia is the new Hollywood "it" girl. Their romance is scorching! The final book in a great series!

What I liked:

Ok, so believe it not this is my first full length Beth Kery novel. Being an erotic romance fan, that seems unusual even to me...LOL! I have read some shorter works by the author and have been impressed by her style and smoothness. Only For You was still surprising to me. I was engaged from the first page. Kery has such a way with words. Anyone can write a good story, but those who are born storytellers stand out from the crowd. So, descriptive and passionate. Not just in the eroticism but in the heart of the story. Kery makes the reader want to know more, feel more, experience more and that's a hallmark of a talented writer.

Seth Hightower was once an Army Intelligence officer and now he is a mysterious and talented make-up artist. At first I wasn't too sure I thought a former military man, could fit into the world of Hollywood's elite as a make-up artist of all things. But as I began reading it started to make sense to me. An Intelligence officer would be called upon to go under cover and to be disguised. Essentially becoming someone else entirely. Seth definitely pulled off the role as an alpha male. Kery writes him as very self assured and methodical in some ways, but also as a man who knows loneliness. He was commanding, kinky and very sexy. A great all around hero.

Gia doesn't exactly give Seth her life story when they meet after a charity event that ends in a night of exciting passion. He has been a part of the Hollywood scene for awhile and he knows how fickle actresses can be. Gia doesn't mention her profession and two years later when they are reacquainted she is a rising star. And in a heap of trouble as the star witness in a highly sensationalized crime involving a cult leader. Seth is the only one who can disguise her and keep her safe from the public, but she isn't exactly safe from him. 

Gia was sensual and willing to explore her passions, she didn't hold back with Seth and I liked the fact that she wasn't afraid of her sexuality. I liked her as a heroine, though I felt the suspenseful aspects of the story were a bit underwhelming next to the passionate and fiery romance between these two characters. It did provide some necessary conflict but overall was not that important to the main story.

I loved the way that Kery writes the relationship between these two. Seth has a very set in stone rule against dating actresses and Gia is offended by the fact that he isn't willing to see her for who she is, beyond her profession. I liked seeing Seth begin to look at her in a different way, as he started to feel something a little more serious than lust. As a former military officer it was probably hard to admit to being wrong and seeing him give in to his feelings was certainly captivating. Kery is a genius! 

Bottom Line:

This book is hot and steamy, though not as suspenseful as I was expecting. The Hollywood world both Seth and Gia live in takes on all the characteristics of an actual character in the book. Kery's powers of description are impeccable and I would have to say that I really enjoyed reading a full length novel from her. More to come, I'm sure.

Only For You will release tomorrow, December 2nd and is available fro pre-order from online retailers, NOW!

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag! 

About the Author:

Beth Kery loves romance, and the more emotionally laden and sexy the romance, the better. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist of over thirty novels including the Because You Are Mine novels and the One Night of Passion novels. She lives in Chicago where she juggles the demands of her career, her love of the city and the arts, and a busy family life. Her writing today reflects her passion for all of the above.

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