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Review: Curiosity Thrilled the Cat

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (Magical Cats - Book 1) by Sofie Kelly
Publication Date: February 2011
Publisher: Obsidian Mysteries
Genre: Cozy Mystery
ISBN-13: 9780451232496

(Received for review from Obsidian Mysteries)

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Excerpt from Curiosity Thrilled the Cat

Synopsis (Barnes & Noble):

When librarian Kathleen Paulson moved to Mayville Heights, Minnesota, she had no idea that two strays would nuzzle their way into her life. Own is a tabby with a catnip addiction and Hercules is a stocky tuxedo cat who shares Kathleen's fondness for Barry Manilow. But beyond all the furs and purrs, there's something more to these felines.

When murder interrupts Mayville's Music Festival, Kathleen finds herself the prime suspect. More stunning is her realization that Owen and Hercules are magical - and she's relying on their skills to solve a purr-fect murder.


Sofie Kelly, the author of several young adult novels is taking the plunge into the Cozy Mystery world. Curiosity Thrilled the Cat is the first book in Kelly's new Magical Cats series featuring two lovable felines, Owen and Hercules, along with amateur sleuth, Kathleen Paulson, librarian. Readers will fall in love with these kitties, who steal the show in Kelly's cozy debut. Full of mystery, adventure and feline antics, this book will have readers staying up long into the night, flipping those pages.

Kathleen Paulson has to get out of Boston. Her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend goes away for a couple of weeks and comes back married. She proves to him that she is a lot more spontaneous than he gave her credit for when she picks up and moves to Mayville Heights, Minnesota to oversee the renovation of the town library. Kathleen quickly realizes that Mayville may be just the place to call home, especially after adopting two stray cats and assorted new friends from the neighborhood. Owen and Hercules couldn't be more different, a tabby and a tuxedo cat who seem to magically be able to walk through walls. When Kathleen finds the conductor of the Wild Rose Summer Music Festival dead at his piano, all leads point to her as the number one suspect. She'll have to rely on her wits and the help of her two magical cats to prove her innocence.

If you love mystery and magic this the book for you! The Magical Cats series will appeal to both cozy fans and cat lovers alike. Owen and Hercules are both very interesting cats with lots of personality. Owen, the tabby is a catnip addict, but what cat isn't? He just doesn't understand Kathleen and Hercules' musical preferences, Barry Manilow makes him cringe. Once Kathleen comes to the realization that there is something very different about Owen she begins to notice little things she has taken for granted like his ability to suddenly appear as if by magic.

Hercules on the other hand is a tuxedo with an attitude, a Barry Manilow lover who is laid back and full of mischief and being able to walk through walls is only the half of it. I loved these two kitties, they really stole the show in this book. Kelly's writing of these two characters reminds me of Rita Mae Brown's, Mrs. Murphy series. Kelly gives these two felines the spotlight as they help their "person," Kathleen solve the crime. They are just as well developed as their human counterparts. We learn a lot about them and what they can do.

Kathleen is a great character as well. Readers will be able to identify with her on many levels. Readers love books, and having the main character be a librarian is a very appropriate touch. Most women can certainly understand wanting to change their lives after a bad break up, but many lack the courage. They will applaud Kathleen as she begins a new life in Mayville, making new friends and dealing with a contractor that would drive many up the wall. Kathleen's sleuthing abilities are put to the test with this crime and Kelly's ability to show Kathleen's process of solving the crime is amazing. The author really lets us get into Kathleen's head.

The supporting cast of characters really add flavor to the book. From Detective Gordon's sarcastic wit, to Rebecca's down home friendliness, readers will fall in love with Mayville's quirky inhabitants. I would definitely recommend this one to cozy fans, who are looking for a great new author and series and also to readers who love good cat story. This one really fits the bill for both. With a very clear and simple style and a flair for the magical, Curiosity Thrilled the Cat is great addition to the cozy world.

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I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

Sofie Kelly is the pseudonym for young adult writer and mixed-media artist, Darlene Ryan. Sofie/Darlene lives on the east coast with her husband and daughter. In her spare time she practices Wu style tai chi and likes to prowl around thrift stores. And she admits to having a small crush on Matt Lauer.


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I didn't like this one so much because it seemed a little boring to me.

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Great review!!!