Sunday, February 27, 2011


There are a few things going on this week I want you to be aware of and a few reminders!

1.) The Werewolf Upstairs giveaway ending March 4th.

2.) The Mistress' House giveaway ending March 7th.

3.) The Deluxe Starbucks Gift Basket giveaway ending on March 7th.

Other things to remember:

The February Link for the 2011 Cozy Mystery Challenge will be active through February 28th. Please link your reviews so that I can give you credit for them...

I am planning a major overhaul on certain aspects of my blog in the next few weeks. Please bear with me as I make some necessary changes. Nothing huge... most things you won't even notice.

I also made some changes to the list of blogs that I receive e-mail updates from. I had far too many and felt that I needed to cut down in order to spend time at the blogs I really enjoy reading and want to comment more often on. I apologize if that leaves anyone out, but I felt it was time to make that change.

Enjoy your weekend!

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