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Review: Original Sin

Original Sin (The Seven Deadly Sins - Book 1) by Allison Brennan

Publication Date: January 2010
Publisher: Random House
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
ISBN-13: 9780345511676

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Original Sin
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Synopsis (Book Blurb):

Haunted by chilling memories of demonic possession and murder, Moira O'Donnell has spent seven years hunting down her mother, Fiona, whose command of black magic has granted her unprecedented control of the underworld. Now Moira's global search has led her to a small California town that's about to become hell on earth.

Tormented by his own terrifying past and driven by powers he can't explain, ex-seminarian Rafe Cooper joins Moira's dangerous quest. But Fiona is one devilish step ahead. Hungry for greater power, eternal youth, and stunning beauty, the sorceress is unleashing upon the mortal world the living incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Together with a demonologist, a tough female sheriff, and a true-crime writer chasing the ultimate story, Moira and Rafe are humanity's last best chance to snatch salvation from the howling jaws of damnation.


Bestselling author Allison Brennan is most known for her crime writing.
Original Sin, the first book in the Seven Deadly Sins series was a departure for Brennan, and her first foray into the paranormal. It has been billed as a paranormal romance, but tends to lead more to an Urban Fantasy type of book, with a hint of romance.

Moira O'Donell is having horrifying nightmares filled with murder. She has been searching for her estranged mother, Fiona for seven years, but it isn't a friendly reunion she is looking for. She plans to murder her, if she can figure out how to kill one of the most powerful witches in the underworld. Fiona's plans to unleash the the living incarnations of the Seven Deadly sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Pride, and Laziness, upon the unsuspecting mortal world will only give her more power. It's up to Moira and an unlikely gang of followers to stop Fiona before it's too late. With Rafe, a former seminarian, a demonologist, a sheriff and a writer, Moira sets out of a quest that could bring either salvation or damnation depending on the outcome.

I was really interested in this book because I thought the plot had a great premise. The Seven Deadly Sins in human form! I was expecting to find out more about them and what they could do the human world. I was a little disappointed that the book itself didn't go that route, but Brennan had something else in mind, that was equally interesting. She pits mother against daughter, good against evil in this one and it really worked for her. Fiona is the incarnation of evil and Moira is the only one who can stop her. The book focuses on Moira's attempts to kill her mother and stop her from unleashing the sins.

I found myself drawn to Fiona's character. I thought she was interesting and I wanted to know more about her and why she needed all this power. What was so important about eternal youth and beauty to her. Why would she want to kill her own daughter? I certainly wanted good to win out of course, but dark characters add a very strong element to a novel that captivates some readers, and I suppose I am one of them. I like to know the motivations of each character and Fiona's was easy to see.

Moira on the other hand was a little more complicated. She plans to kill her mother and save the human race. That's the overall goal of the book, but I generally find in a well written book that there are a lot of underlining motivations that give real character to the story. With Moira I found it a little hard to see what was underneath her lofty goal of saving the world. I had a hard time trying to figure out what was in it for her. Let's face it we all have our motivations for the things we do and the sins we commit. I just couldn't pin point it with this character and I was left wanting more.

This book was billed as a paranormal romance and there was some romantic interest between Moira and Rafe, but this was a very plot driven book and I think the romance kind of got lost in the shuffle. I would have characterized the book as more of an Urban Fantasy novel, with strong in-your-face characters and action. I liked the whole black magic feel of the book, with lots of biblical inflections, but it was a bit on the dark side of the spectrum. It just gave off that feel that everything paranormal is bad and some readers will have a problem with that.

I would recommend this book to Allison Brennan readers who want to see what she can do outside of her comfort zone. I would recommend it those who like dark magic and dark Urban Fantasy, I think you will really like the way this one is done. I don't think I can recommend it as a romance, as there just isn't that much romance in it. But, if definitely packs a punch and I will be reading the next book in the series,
Carnal Sin when I get the chance. It wasn't quite my cup of tea, but it's the first book in the series and there is a lot of different directions the series could go. I'm optimistic... we'll see where it goes!

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I'm giving this one 3 out of 5 apples from my book bag! Just wasn't a perfect fit for me, but that doesn't mean it won't be for someone else.

Allison Brennan is the
New York Times bestselling author of twelve romantic thrillers, including The Prey, Speak No Evil, Killing Fear and Sudden Death. Original Sin launches her new supernatural thriller series based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Prior to her writing career, she worked for thirteen years as a consultant in the California State Legislature. She lives in northern California with her husband, Dan, and their five children. A member of the Romance Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and the Horror Writers Association, when she's not writing or reading, Allison enjoys playing video games and attending her kids sporting events.

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