Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guest Post and Giveaway: Just Little Things

Today, I would like to welcome author Nancy Vu to Debbie's Book Bag. Nancy is here promoting her inspirational book, Just Little Things: A Celebration of Life's Simple Pleasures. What started out as a tumblr account that expressed Nancy's love of the simple things like seeing a baby yawn or drawing on a foggy window started blowing up the internet and being reposted all over social media. It wasn't long before a publisher came calling and Nancy Vu wasn't just a typical teenager anymore! I found this book to be both warm and fuzzy and sage and wise. After having a recent medical scare that changed my life, I know that those little in life are the ones you miss the most, if you didn't have them. It's a quick read, that will make you smile and smile and smile. Slow down. Read a good book, Just Little Things would be perfect!

Nancy has sent us some information on how Just Little things got started. The publisher is offering a one copy give away, US only. Details at the end of the post.

With my book, Just Little Things: A Celebration of Life’s Simple Pleasures, coming out soon (May 7th, to be exact), many people have congratulated me and asked me how it feels like to be a published author at such a young age. I have to admit, it feels unbelievable having my own book published at just seventeen years old, but the whirlwind of events that I’ve experienced prior to the book deal has also been incredibly surreal. 
Over two years ago when the blog, JustLittleThings.net, was just launched, I thought of it as just a fun project and never expected it to gain such a large following. The posts on this blog consist of colorful graphics listing simple pleasures, or “little things,” that are often overlooked in everyday life. Some of these include, “Hot chocolate on rainy days,” “Writing on the first page of a notebook,” and “Cold showers in the summer.” I posted a handful of entries one evening to get the blog started, and by the next morning, the follower count was in the thousands. In a couple of months, it had six digits.
What has been the most heartrending are the messages and emails that I’ve gotten, where viewers have told me how much my blog has affected them. The first message that showed me the power of my work was a short and simple message from an anonymous sender that reads, “This blog saved me from suicide. It made me realize all of the things I love and will miss. Thank you.” Others have shared that the Just Little Things blog provided them with optimism as they struggle with difficulties such as depression or cancer, or that they shared my blog with their families and friends, who also filled with joy upon the realization that there’s so many “little things” that makes life worthwhile. Even receiving something simpler, like a nice note telling me that my blog made a person smile or laugh when they were feeling down, brings me as much joy on my part.
I guess you can say that the moral of all of this is that the little things can do BIG and amazing things. What started off as a simple blog turned into a source of happiness for people worldwide. A collection of short phrases of the simple pleasures in life has been able to impact people’s lives positively in all sorts of ways. The “little things” are important. They make life worth living.
I hope you get the chance to explore my blog and check out the Just Little Things book. And thank you, Debbie, for this opportunity to write a guest post on your blog!


The publisher is sponsoring a one copy giveaway for Just Little Things by Nancy Vu.

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Carl Scott said...

It's great to see a young person have such success turning her blogging into a successful book. The book sounds like a fun read, I'm sure I'd enjoy it. Please enter my name for the chance to win a copy. Thanks.

Theresa N. said...

I'm very interested in your book.
Theresa N

bn100 said...

Sounds like a nice topic for a book

Lexi said...

Everyone needs to be reminded of the little things, they are what keep us going day after day. What a wonderful book idea! Congrats!