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Review: Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf (Dark - Book 25) by Christine Feehan

Publication Date: 01/07.2014
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 432
ISBN-10: 0425270793
ISBN-13: 978-0425270790

(Received for an honest review from Berkley Books)

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Excerpt from, Dark Wolf, courtesy of the author's website.




#1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan now delivers her most eagerly awaited novel of all—ten years in the making—in the “the erotic, gripping series that has defined an entire genre” (J. R. Ward).

In Dark Lycan, Christine Feehan journeyed into the heart of the Carpathians, and into the souls of two lifemates stirred by the flush of passion and the threat of annihilation. In Dark Wolf, the breathtaking story continues as the bonds of family are imperiled, and the fate of two lovers lies hidden in the seductive shadows between life and death.

Skyler Daratrazanoff always recognized the miracle that was Dimitri Tirunul, a man beyond any dream that had ever engaged her nights. But she was human. Vulnerable. He was Carpathian. Nearly immortal. She was nineteen. He was an ancient. Yet she held half his soul, the light to his darkness. Without her, he would not survive. Caught between the two warring species, Dimitri has spent centuries hunting the undead to keep his people free, and humans safe. He had survived honorably when others had chosen to give up their souls. But now, marked for extermination by the Lycans, Dimitri found himself alone, and fearing for his life. But salvation was coming…

No Lycan would ever suspect someone like Skyler to dare mount a secret rescue operation. A teenage girl. A human of untested abilities. But she had something no one else had. She was predestined for Dimitri—as he was for her. And there was nothing stronger for Skyler than her desire to see her life-dream come true. Whatever the risk.


Christine Feehan brings readers the long awaited story of Dimitri and Skylar in her latest Dark novel, Dark Wolf. This romance has been a while in the making and readers will be excited to see how their happy ever after comes about. Feehan does and excellent job of bringing a woman with a tragic past full circle and developing her character to accept love and affection. Readers who are looking for an adventure packed paranormal romance will love this latest addition to a long standing series.

What I liked:

Finally, long time readers of Christine Feehan's Dark series get the romance of one of their most beloved couples, Skylar and Dimitri, but it doesn't come the way most readers expected. I was really happy that this book was to focus on this couple, one of my favorites who haven't quite made it together yet. But it didn't happen at all like I had envisioned it. 

When Dark Wolf begins Dimitri is being held captive by the lycans and tortured because of his mixed heritage. Skylar is trying desperately to find and rescue him. But Dark Wolf is not a book about how Skylar and Dimitri fall in love or anything like that. Instead the couple is already together and all of the build up and the fall has already taken place before the book even begins. Certainly not what I expected. Feehan goes a totally different direction by bringing readers in late to party so to speak. And I'm sure that most long time readers of the series will be impressed.

Skylar is of course a great character no matter what circumstances we find her in. She is courageous and spunky. She's been through so many horrible experiences in her past and now she has finally found love with Dimitri. I liked that part very much. She deserved happiness, but now Dimitri is about to be killed and she has to protect him. The role reversal was quite interesting and I think Feehan did a great job with that aspect of the book. Dimitri is not your typical alpha male Carpathian. He understands Skylar need to rescue him and appreciates what she has to offer in order to help protect him this time.

I loved Dimitri's attitude toward Skylar. He was determined not to die though his torture was nearly unbearable, because he knew she needed him and this time he needed her. He is always respectful of Skylar and what shes been through in everything he does including the way he treats her physically and romantically. He is a hero that readers can get behind and appreciate. 

I was a little taken aback by how Skylar responded to Dimitri emotionally and sexually to be honest. Her past is tragic and she has had some pretty horrific sexual experiences due to it, and though Dimitri is patient he still wants to be with Skylar. Feehan has made a great deal about how scarred and traumatized Skylar is, so I was really surprised at how quickly she threw caution to the wind and just went for it. I thought she might have a really hard time with things, but not so. Not sure I quite liked it, but I understood that eventually a person has to try again and in a way that was a good message.

What I didn't like:

I felt a little short changed by not being able to read how Dimitri and Skylar fell in love, but I think it was a plot to shake up the readers of the series. Just not sure it was a good shake. I thought Sklyar was a little too easily turned from a tragic victim to a woman in love. It didn't exactly ring true to me.

Bottom Line:

Overall I liked this book, but it was not the best or the worst of this series. Sometimes when a series continues for a long, long time it starts to loose it's luster and readers aren't treated to something new, but just a rehashing of old stories. I think this was Feehan's attempt to thwart that, but it didn't quite work. It might be time to think about wrapping up this long standing series and trying something altogether new. I love reading Christine Feehan's book, but this one didn't quite hold up to her normal standards. Not a bad book, but not a great book either.

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I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag.

About the Author:

I live on the beautiful Northern California coast. I have always loved hiking, whale watching, and being outdoors. My camping days are over but I might consider glamping. LOL! I am surrounded by my family, my beloved grandchildren and my pack of dogs.

In addition to her Dark Carpathian novels, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan is the author of the Ghost Walkers series, the Leopard series, and the Sea Haven series which include the novels of the Drake Sisters and the Sisters of the Heart.

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