Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interview and Giveaway: Theresa Romain

Please join me in welcoming Theresa Romain to Debbie's Book Bag today. Theresa is here promoting her latest release, It Takes Two to Tangle. I got the opportunity to ask Theresa a few questions that I think you will enjoy. Check out the giveaway details at the end of the post of your chance to win a copy of her book.

DEB: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
TR: Thanks so much for letting me join you today! Besides being a writer, I am a wife and mom, an indifferent cook, a book addict, and a classic movie fan.

DEB: What was your inspiration for this book?
TR: I started with the characters, because I wanted to write a hero and heroine different from any I’d explored before. The heroine, Frances, is a little older than the hero, and she has a more scandalous past than he does. Oddest of all, she’s a widow who truly loved her first husband. My hero, Henry, has tried to prove himself as an artist and soldier, but he suffers a terrible injury that ends both careers. Once I put those two together, a Cyrano-ish plot grew in which they find their way to love through secret letters that allow them to learn about themselves—and eventually, build a new life.

DEB: Is it a single title or part of a series?
TR: IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE is the first book in the Matchmaker trilogy, but each story will stand on its own. Readers will be able to dive in at any point.

DEB: What kind of research did you do on the Regency period for this one?
TR: In hindsight, I bit off a lot by giving my hero TWO occupations. I researched troop movements during the Napoleonic Wars, finding just the right regiment and division that would lead my hero across Europe and into terrible places. Since he’s an artist too, I also researched historic painting methods and pigments. Oh, and dueling etiquette! To say more about that might be a spoiler…

DEB: What comes first a good character or the story?
TR: It depends (sorry!). For IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE, the characters came first. For the next Matchmaker book, TO CHARM A NAUGHTY COUNTESS (May 2014) the plot of the story—which takes place during the uncommonly cold year of 1816—shaped the character of the super-responsible and very stressed hero.

DEB: Do you have a favorite author or genre you read for pleasure?
TR: I read historical and contemporary romance for pleasure all the time. But for a change of pace, I also like historical nonfiction or narrative nonfiction. I’ve liked all of David McCullough’s books (and if you’re an audiobook fan, he reads most of his own books and is a wonderful narrator). And right now I have a few library books out on the history of dining. Maybe they’ll be useful for research—or maybe just for fun! I’m a big trivia buff.

DEB: What was your reaction when found out your first book would be published?
TR: I was on my lunch hour at work when I saw an email from an editor saying she’d like to talk about an offer—so I had to suppress my shriek and act very professional. But when I got home, I heard her phone message and had my husband confirm it was real. What I did next is sort of foggy, but I probably jumped up and down for joy!

DEB: Do you have advice for new writers?
TR: Don’t give up! The only way to finish a book is one word, one page, one chapter at a time. Also, it’s great to have support as you work toward finishing that book. Find a friend or loved one who will encourage you to stick with it, and consider joining a writers’ organization. For romance writers, there’s Romance Writers of America at the national level, plus chapters at the state and local levels and for subgenres (like historical, paranormal, LGBT).

DEBTell us something readers may not know about you.
TR: I’m left-handed, and maybe that’s why when I learned to write, I wrote in perfect mirror handwriting. That must have been a surprise for my parents and teachers! I don’t remember how they got me to start writing left to right. Maybe with a mirror.

DEB: What are you working on right now?
TR: I recently turned in the third book of the Matchmaker trilogy to my editor, and I’ll soon be working on revisions for the second one: TO CHARM A NAUGHTY COUNTESS, out in May 2014. Since I also write holiday historical romances, I’m now writing the fourth book in that series, which will be out in October 2014.


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Unknown said...

Hi, Debbie--thank you for hosting me today!

penney said...

Great blog today! Thanks for being here. I can't wait to read this love the cover too.
The only thing I can think of is years ago I had a boy that kept bugging me so I had a friends brother tell him to leave me alone as we were going to get married(his idea not mine) he was 14 and I was 16 1/2 it work the boy never called me again. but one day I was in the supermarket with my Mom and he came up asking if I got married yet etc etc. My Mom turn to me and said Ok I don't want to hear about it! LOL! I did tell her in the end what happen.

Sharlene said...

Hi Theresa! I'm a lefty too, but I always wrote left to right- the messy way! My dating days were so long ago (married 22 yrs!) that I don't remember them! The book sounds really good!

Di said...

When I saw that the couple had a secret correspondence it made me think of current day online dating - as long as the couple is honest there can be a real connection.
sallans d at yahoo dot com

kipha said...

Thanks for this awesome interview! I didn't even know Theresa was a lefty. LOL

But I am getting ready to read Tangle

Unknown said...

The book sounds great, Theresa!
My best friend in college was dating a guy and I liked one of his friends, so she would always invite me over to his house whenever she would go. Needless to say, said friend and I are now married. :)
Thanks for the giveaway!

Angela said...

I remember a time in college when my friend's friend liked me and kept pressuring my friend to introduce us. Needless to say it didn't work out in the long run but now I'm married to the love of my life.;-)

Charlotte said...

Love the cover on this book.

Elizabeth Schroedle said...

I was at a fraternity party and this guy would not leave me alone. I did not like him and he kept pressuring me to go out with him. My friend helped me climb out a first floor bathroom window, while another friend had the car running to make our quick getaway.

lag123 said...

My now sil "Helped" me to meet my husband. She introduced us and we have been married 31 years

Unknown said...

Thanks to all of you for stopping by. These are such great stories! It's nice to have a friend who has our backs, isn't it--whether for meeting someone great or making a well-timed escape? A friend introduced Mr. R and me because we were too shy to talk to each other. :)

bn100 said...

Haven't been in that situation

Chrisbails said...

I have had that happen with a friend of mine. Her other best friend did not care for me, but because she did not know me. We just decided that in order to be friends(all of us) we just had to give each other the benefit of the doubt and just be nice to each other. We did become pretty good friends all hanging out together, and even me and her. I even babysat her kid for awhile. We are not as close anymore. But I do hear about her and find things out about her from my other friend. I'm still real good friends with the original friend.

Brooke Showalter said...

I am a history fan and have wanted to read David McCullough for a while now. I didn't know he narrated his audiobooks, I definitely need to check those out. I really enjoyed reading this interview. Thank you for sharing so much!

jmcgaugh said...

When I had my first crush, a friend slipped a note in the guy's locker for me.