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Review: A Deadly Web

A Deadly Web (Bishop Files - Book 2) by Kay Hooper

Publication Date: 04/07/2015
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley Jove
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 304

(Received for an honest review from Berkley Jove)

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Books in the series

Bishop Files

1. The First Prophet
2. A Deadly Web


Excerpt from, A Deadly Web, courtesy of Amazon's Look Inside feature


The new Bishop Files novel by the New York Times bestselling author of The First Prophet and the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit novels.

John Brodie is a Guardian, a member of a secretive network devoted to winning a war very few even know exists: protecting the vulnerable psychics in his charge from a deadly, ruthless — and virtually invisible enemy.

Tasha Solomon is a gifted psychic whose abilities have saved her more than once from situations as dangerous as they are baffling. She doesn’t believe she needs help, and she doesn’t even know that Guardians exist — until Brodie saves her life.

 Unaccustomed to depending on anyone for anything, Tasha now finds herself embroiled in deadly game where the ultimate goal is a fate far worse than any nightmare. The only person she can trust is Brodie to guide her through a maze of danger and deception, lies and treachery, friends and enemies, until they reach safe harbor.

 If they reach safe harbor.


A Deadly Web is the second book in Kay Hooper's spin-off series, The Bishop Files. Readers who love the Bishop Special Crimes Unit books will find this one a spooky thriller with plenty of paranormal elements. Before readers got so caught up in vampires and werewolves, the paranormal characters were psychics and ghosts. Hooper has the market cornered on the psychic angle with this series. A great addition that will continue on the story threads of the first book in the series, The First Prophet. 

Kay Hooper must be psychic, she some how knew that readers would love this type of series. I have been a fan of Hooper for a long time, but I have really enjoyed her Bishop Special Crimes books and I was excited about this spin-off series. Hooper just seems to know what to write that will make the hair on the back of the readers neck stand up. She is a creepy writer and I love that. Her thrillers are what I might call spine tingling. They give me the heebie geebies... LOL! And that makes for a fantastic read.

In the second book in this series, readers learn more about the disappearances that have been taking place in the psychic community. Tasha is a powerful psychic and now the target of some pretty menacing foes. The danger feels so real in Hooper's books that readers will want to keep the heroine safe. Tasha doesn't know that a secret society exists to protect the psychics and John Brody is one of them. He is a Guardian, charged with Tasha's protection. I loved the whole idea of the disappearances and how Hooper used it to create this eerie thriller. 

I will have to say that I felt like this one rambled a bit. There was a whole lot of things being said and not as much action as I would have liked or that I expected. Hooper's books are usually jam packed with action and suspense, but I didn't get that same feeling of urgency with this one. I wanted things to be settled and figured out , but it didn't seem like it had to be this second or else. I like that edge of your seat, nail biting kind of thriller and this one wasn't quite up to the challenge.

Bottom Line:

This is another very good book from a trusted writer in the romantic suspense genre. The paranormal elements are old school and satisfying. Sometimes I get tired of the same old vampire stories. A well written and thought out story about a psychic, hit the spot for me, but the action was on the down low in this one. I wanted more snap, more zing, but I know that Hooper is one of the best at that sort of thing and I'm sure the next book will prove it. 

A Deadly Web is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Kay Hooper is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, including HostageHavenBlood TiesBlood DreamsBlood Sins, and The Bishop Files series, including The First Prophet. She lives in North Carolina.

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