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Review: Kiss the Earl

Kiss the Earl (Geek Girls - Book 3) by Gina Lamm

Publication Date: 04/07/2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Imprint: Casablanca
Genre: Historical/Time Travel Romance
Pages: 384

(Received for an honest review from Sourcebooks Casablanca)

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Books in the series:

Geek Girls

1. The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl
2. Geek Girls Don't Date Earls
3. Kiss the Earl


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A modern girl's guide to seducing Mr. Darcy
When Ella Briley asked her lucky-in-love friends to set her up for an office party, she was expecting a blind date. Instead, she's pulled through a magic mirror and into the past...straight into the arms of her very own Mr. Darcy.
Patrick Meadowfair, earl of Fairhaven, is too noble for his own good. To save a female friend from what is sure to be a loveless marriage, he's agreed to whisk her off to wed the man she truly wants. But all goes awry when Patrick mistakes Ella for the would-be bride and kidnaps her instead.
Centuries away from everything she knows, Ella's finally found a man who heats her blood and leaves her breathless. Too bad he's such a perfect gentleman. Yet the reluctant rake may just find this modern girl far too tempting for even the noblest of men to resist...


Gina Lamm continues her quirky time travel romance series, the Geek Girls with her latest book, Kiss the Earl. Lamm combines Regency England with a modern woman and comes up with an interesting and delightfully original novel. Readers who love a bit a humor with their romance will find this one endearing with a very sweet hero and a heroine that must make the decision to stay in the past or return to her life in the future. A very good addition to the series!

One of the things I like about this series is the fact that Gina Lamm doesn't apologize for her heroines. They don't try to mask who they are or try to fit into the Regency mold. Ella in Kiss the Earl doesn't even change the manner of her speech and I think that sort of detail is what makes this series so special. These modern women can't find the men they want in their own time and end up going to the past to find love. I think Lamm is onto something with this kind of time travel romance. It will appeal to the geek spirit in all of us. 

Ella was a great heroine. Sassy and full of spunk. A comic book artist, so she obviously had a sense of humor and a sense of the unusual. She had traveled to the past before so she wasn't completely clueless about what was going on, she just didn't expect to meet her own Mr. Darcy. I liked the fact that the decision wasn't an easy one for her. She didn't just throw away her career or her Mr. Right on a whim. She was the kind of heroine that you could believe in and I think that made all the difference in this book.

Patrick was a good hero. But he was a little too nice at times and it generally ended up getting him in trouble. His best friend Amelia was something else and he was always getting pulled into one scheme or another but when he accidentally kidnaps Ella instead of Amelia, he ends up meeting the woman of his dreams. I thought Lamm did a good job with this character, but he could have had a little more depth. He was just too nice... LOL! If that makes any sense.

Bottom Line:

Another very good book from Gina Lamm. I like the Geek Girl series for a lot of reasons. The time travel thing is a very of mine and seeing how these modern women face the challenges of the Regency period is always fun. I loved the heroine, Ella and found myself pulling for her to make the right decision, but the hero, Patrick was a little too Mr. Perfect. He could have had a little more depth and I would have liked it better.

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I am giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

About the Author:

Gina Lamm, a bellydancing, wisecracking, marshmallow-addicted geek, loves nothing more than penning funny, emotional tales of love, lust, and entertaining mishaps. Married to a superhero, she lives with her beloved family in North Carolina, surrounded by tobacco farms, possums, and the occasional hurricane. She also writes erotic romance for Ellora's Cave under the pen name Regina Cole. Visit for more info.


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