Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week - Day Four

It's day four of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. The topic for today is Forgotten Treasure. Book bloggers choose a book or books that they feel deserves more attention. Some books get a lot of attention from publishers and bloggers and some don't.

I tend to do a lot of reviews from smaller publishing houses and from the authors themselves, because I feel like this promotes those forgotten gems, so I have several to choose from. When trying to decide which book to focus on I had a difficult time narrowing down but, finally decided on a book I had reviewed early in the year, the book comes with a CD of music that the author used in the writing of the book.

Nocturne by Harrison Gradwell Slater is an excellent example of an under rated book. Most of the blog community did not get to review this book, for one reason or another. Here is the Amazon synopsis of the book:

Amid the lush tonal landscapes of Chopin, a killer stalks unseen. Just when her life in New York seems to be unraveling, Artemisia Talbot receives a commission to photograph Chopin's, Paris. And in the City of Light, she discovers unconditional love for the first time with the young American musicologist Matthew Pierce. Artemisia accompanies Matthew to Warsaw, where he purchases a diary that describes Chopin's ill-fated love affair with Little Marynia, a talented pianist and watercolorist. But the diary also holds some disturbing parallels to contemporary events, and the brilliance of Artemisia's surroundings in Paris, Warsaw, and Nohant obscures the grim reality that she is being followed by an obsessive killer bent on revenge.

Give this one a try I think you'll find it an excellent book that didn't receive a lot of attention.

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