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HUGE! 5-book Simon Serrailler Mystery series Giveaway

The Simon Serrailler mystery series, by author Susan Hill is one of my favorites. I have read all 5 books and reviewed two of them, The Various Haunts of Men (Book 1) and The Shadows in the Street (Book 5).

Thanks to the wonderful people at Overlook Press I have the opportunity to give away to one reader, the ENTIRE, Simon Serrailler series! All five books for one winner!

The winner will receive the following:

The Various Haunts of Men (Paperback)
The Pure in Heart (Paperback)
The Risk of Darkness (Paperback)
The Vows of Silence (Hard Cover)
The Shadows in the Street (Hard Cover)

Here is a brief description of each book. The giveaway details will be at the bottom of the post!

Weaving together a variety of subtly interrelated narratives, British author, Susan Hill embeds a thoughtful reflection on alternative medicine into a taut and suspenseful mystery, the first of a new crime series featuring Chief Insp. Simon Serrailler. Having transferred to the small cathedral town of Lafferton from London's "Met," police detective Freya Graffham explores her new community and becomes fascinated by Serrailler, her enigmatic superior. Though she fits well within the local police force she finds herself unable to let go what seems like a routine missing persons report on a middle-aged spinster. When yet more townspeople turn up missing, her hunch is verified and a serious police search begins, bringing her into closer proximity with Serrailler at the same time it exposes her to danger. A dark but entirely convincing ending may startle some readers, but Hill's fine writing and nuanced insight into human nature should appeal to fans of such masters of the psychological thriller as P.D. James, Elizabeth George and Ruth Rendell.

In Hill's fine second Simon Serrailler crime novel (after The Various Haunts of Men), Inspector Serrailler, who's still brooding over the unsolved murder of a fellow officer a year earlier, has sought solace amid Italian ruins with his sketchbook, more to the disapproval of his father back in England. Summoned home to the cathedral town of Lafferton, Serrailler finds that murder, family break ups and the abduction of a schoolboy have occurred in his absence. Other worries include the impending death of his handicapped sister, Martha, and a mob attack on the home of the pedophile suspected of kidnapping nine-year-old David Angus. Meanwhile, down-and-out ex-con Andy Gunton finds dubious employment shipping cars for sleazy Lee Carter. The patient reader must wait until these subplots come together, but Hill's smooth and engrossing style creates riveting suspense as Serrailler and sidekick Nathan Coates pursue David's abductors through Lafferton's seediest areas to an astonishing conclusion.

Susan Hill is back! and so is her detective- Simon Serrailler. "Crime fans on the look out for intelligent examples of the genre will enjoy The Risk of Darkness."

We met Simon Serrailler first in The Various Haunts of Men and got to know him better in The Pure in Heart. Susan Hill's third crime novel, The Risk of Darkness- perhaps even more compulsive and convincing than it's predecessors- explores the crazy grief of a widowed husband, whose derangement turns into obsession and threats, violence and terror. Meanwhile, handsome, introverted Simon Serrailler, whose cool reserve has broken the hearts of several women, finds his own heart troubled by the newest recruit to the Cathedral staff: a feisty female Anglican priest with red hair. The Risk of Darkness is truly the work of a writer at the top of her form.

In Hill's remarkable fourth novel to feature Chief Insp. Simon Serrailler (after 2008's The Risk of Darkness), Serrailler and his team race against time to stop a killer who's gunning down young women, apparently at random. Newlywed Melanie Drew is the first victim, shot at close range inside her flat in Lafferton. The killer shifts method for his second attack, using a rifle to shoot into a crowd outside at a nightclub. Next, he uses a handgun to murder a young mother in front of her toddler. The variety of approaches leads the police to consider whether two different killers are at work, even as Serrailler's sergeant finds the visits of Drew's widowed husband to the scenes of the subsequent crimes suspicious. Hill generates suspense with sections from the murderer's point of view.

Susan Hill's Simon Serrailler series has established itself as superior crime fare with four gripping psychological thrillers already in print.

Serrailler has just wrapped up a particularly exhausting and difficult case and is on sabbatical on a far-flung Scottish island when he is called back to Lafferton by the Chief Constable. Two local prostitutes have been found strangled. When the wife of St. Michael's Cathedral Dean goes missing and then another respectable woman is taken on her way to work, the townspeople grow angry and afraid. Serrailler is in the greatest danger of his life.


One Winner will win the ENTIRE Simon Serrailler series. The rules are simple:

1.) One winner will win, A paperback copy of the first three books in the series: The Various Haunts of Men, The Pure in Heart, and The Risk of Darkness and hard cover copies of books four and five of the series: The Vows of Silence and The Shadows in the Street. These books will be sent directly from the publisher. U.S. addresses only!
2.) You must be a Google Friend Connect follower to participate.
3.) You must leave a comment on this post which includes your e-mail so that I can contact you if you win.
4.) The deadline for this giveaway is Midnight EST on September 23rd.


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