Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: The Shadows in the Street

The Shadows in the Street (Simon Serrailler series - Book 5) by Susan Hill

(For review from Overlook Press)


Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler returns from a sabbatical on a remote Scottish island to find an apparent serial killer loose in his quiet village of Lafferton. Two local prostitutes have gone missing and are subsequently found strangled. Then the wife of the cathedral's dean disappears, as does a young woman on her way to work. Serrailler and his team follow lead after lead only to hit dead ends. The pressure mounts, and the public becomes angry and very afraid. The cherished cathedral is rocked to its very foundation by turmoil and frustration. The real break comes when Serrailer's sister, Cat nearly becomes the next victim.


Earlier in the year I reviewed, The Various Haunts of Men, the first book in the Simon Serrailer series. When I got an e-mail requesting that I review, The Shadows in the Street, the final novel in the series, I was very happy to oblige. Susan Hill is a gifted British writer. Her ability to get inside the head of a serial killer is next to none. She has a way of making the reader view life from the point of view of someone who is deranged and on the brink of destruction. Her novels are full of characters that have depth and versatility and her plot lines are full of suspense and nail biting action. If you like a good mystery or thriller, this series will be right up your alley.

The main character, Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler is what most people would consider a loner. He has his own way of coming to the conclusion of most of his cases. He shows great honor and loyalty to his community and his family, as he goes about his business of trying to keep them safe. Readers will see him as not only wise but very insightful. He has a knack for being able to figure out the most unlikely evidence. In this particular novel he and his team are thwarted again and again by dead ends in a case that has the whole town of Lafferton on edge. When Serrailler's own sister almost becomes a victim of the serial killer, Simon goes into overdrive to find the killer before he kills again.

I liked this novel a lot. The entire series has been one that really caught my interest and held it. The characters are very well developed and the reader almost feels a part of the small British town on Lafferton. Susan Hill has done a remarkable job with this series and with The Shadows in the Street.

Here is a link to my review of the first book in the series, The Various Haunts of Men.

The Shadows in the Street is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I am giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

Here is some additional information about Susan Hill.

Susan Hill is the author of the famous ghost story, The Woman in Black. She lives in the U.K., where she runs her own small publishing company, Long Barn Books.


Kaye said...

Ooh, this sounds like a really good one! Mysteries set in British small towns or villages always appeal to me. Have a good week and happy reading!

Llehn said...

Wow, I was totally drawn in by the cover and now the premise!

Anonymous said...

That sounds very good about the inspector being able to get into the serial killer's mind. Reminds me of the TV Show Criminal Minds which is one of my favorites.


Unknown said...

These sound interesting. I havent read any of her books yet, but I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for the giveaway!

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Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I've never read any of the books in this series but definitely putting them on my reminder list. I love a good mystery and to get into the criminals minds sounds totally fascinating.


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Linda Henderson said...

I'm not familiar with this author but I will definitely be looking for her books.

Book Loving Mommy said...

These sound so good! Right up my alley....