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Review: Perfect on Paper

Perfect on Paper: The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson by Maria Murnane

Publication Date: Feburary, 2010
Publisher: AmazonEncore
Format: Paperback, 320 pp
Genre: Chick Lit
ISBN-13: 9780982555040
ISBN: 0982555040

(Received for review from Goldberg McDuffie)

Synopsis (Courtesy of Barnes & Noble):

Waverly Bryson is a late-20's successful businesswoman who almost has it all: dream job in Sports PR, two best friends, and a bar where everybody knows her name. What she doesn't have is a ring on her finger, and after being left at the altar, she is in no hurry. Besides, she has other issues to tackle, including her wayward father, a new rival at work, and ever shrinking amount of personal time. To keep sane, Waverly has a habit of jotting down "Honey Notes," her own personal brand of self-deprecating wisdom and pipe-dream for a line of greeting cards.

As Waverly stumbles back into the dating scene (no stalkers or jean shorts, please), her personal and professional lives threaten to collide. Perfect on Paper reminds readers that everyone has a bad date (or twelve), and that everyone needs a best friend to tell them, "Honey, you are not alone."


Maria Murnane has created a very saucy, spunky character with Waverly Bryson. Waverly is the consummate klutz. Murphy's Law follows her around like a puppy dog. If it could go wrong for Waverly it probably does, which is good for the reader because it's hilarious to read about it. This book is full of rich humor and wit. The "Honey Notes" at the beginning of each chapter really set the tone for the book. Waverly is writing her own brand of singles greeting cards that chronicle the misadventures of her life. "Afraid to show your vulnerable side? Honey, that's better than showing your cellulite side! I got a real kick out of these.

The main character, Waverly has a lot going for her, a great job and great friends, until the bottom falls out. Waverly is jilted at the altar and finds herself back in the dating scene. Not only does she go from one bad date to the next, she begins to have issues at work. She gets passed over for great new assignments and then her long standing account is turned over to her nemesis, maybe that greeting card line is looking better all the time. This is ultimately a book about relationships. Waverly's relationship with her friends, her father and eventually a new man. I know that every woman out there can probably look at Waverly's succession of horrible dates and find one that resembles one we've been on ourselves...LOL!

I found this book a quick, easy read with a lot of humor and plenty of fun. I think readers of Chick Lit will like this one and identify with Waverly's struggles to find, Mr. Right. I recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh and loves books about relationships.

Perfect on Paper is available NOW at your favorite bookseller.

I am giving it 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

Here is some additional information about Maria Murnane.

Maria Murnane is currently an independent marketing writer, residing in New York City. She spent several years in San Francisco as an agent in Sports PR, before quitting her job to pursue her passions in life: writing, and soccer. She ended up in Argentina where she played semi-pro soccer and wrote her first draft of Perfect on Paper.

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