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Interview: Sherry Ficklin

Please join me in welcoming Sherry Ficklin back to Debbie's Book Bag today. Sherry is here to talk about her latest release Palmetto Moon: Born of Blood. This is the first in a Ficklin's new paranormal series. Please look for my review of her book later today.

DEB: Sherry, you’ve been with us before here at Debbie’s Book Bag, so these questions may be a little different from those I sent you the last time. A lot of my readers are writers also and some of my questions are directed in that manner.
SF: Awesome! I’m glad to be back! Thanks for having me!

DEB: Sherry, tell us what you’ve been up to since you were here last?
SF: The usual, writing, raising my little family, trying to sneak into Comi-Con.  On the writing side of things I’ve finished the final book in the Gods of Fate series which should be out next year and I’ve been writing this book, Palmetto Moon: Born of Blood, and the next in this series. I’m also working on a YA steampunk/time-travel novel.

DEB: Tell us a little about your latest book, Born of Blood? Is this book a single title or part of a series?
SF: Well, Born of Blood is the first book of the Palmetto Moon series. I’m not sure how many I’ll write in this series, but book 2 is nearly done and I still have lots of things I want to write, so I expect three at least. Maybe more.

Palmetto Moon is the saga of Sophie D’Angelo, a woman who’s had her entire life sort of stolen from her. Now she’s running the family detective agency and living with her ex-fiancee turned vampire business partner Caleb. Someone once asked me what my favorite thing was about Sophie and I told them, “She gets stuffed in car trunks a lot.”

DEB: We have seen several different kinds of books from you including military suspense, the Gods of Fate series… what drew you to explore paranormal romance?
SF: You know, I’ve always loved a good vampire story. But this is not really a vampire story, it’s Sophie’s story and there happens to be vampires in it. I love the dynamic that she is more afraid of her judgmental mother than a room full of the undead. That was what I wanted to write. It was never supposed to be a romance. I suppose there are elements of that, but it’s not what drives her or the story. It’s hard to pin down that way. It’s funny, but not really a comedy. It’s scary, but not truly a horror. It’s a bit of everything I suppose.

DEB: This book is being released in e-book format. I was wondering what you thought about the advantages of e-book‘s and how that changes the publishing industry?
SF: Other than the obvious reasons which are environmental and monetary (that is that most authors make more in e-book royalties than paperback), I like e-books because you can check out new authors and new genres without having to commit a wad of cash and shelf space to them. Often I’ll pick up the e-book first if it’s someone I’ve never read before or a new series. Then if I fall in love with it I will buy the paperback. Saves me shelf space and having to toss/donate books I won’t re-read.

DEB: A lot of my readers are writers and they are interested in how you first got started writing. What gave you the confidence to try to sell your manuscript?
SF: I went into it very ignorant of how things were done. I didn’t know you couldn’t just call a publisher and pitch your book, so I did. Having no pre set notions about rejection and the odds of being published was a blessing for me. So when I got my first offer fairly quickly, I didn’t realize just how lucky I was. But I will say that I’m really good at putting my head down and pushing forward. I wanted to publish. I would have moved heaven and earth to do it. I think its 90% determination, 10% talent.

DEB: Do you have advice for new writers?
SF: I think for new writers, the temptation to self publish is strong. We hear all these success stories about self published authors hitting it big. I don’t think they know that it’s the exception rather than the rule. Now, I am a big proponent of self publishing. After you have an established fan base. After you have experience editing your books and dealing with the financial side of writing. If you are determined to self publish, hire an editor and buy professional cover art. They are both worth their weight in gold. But don’t give up on landing a publisher too soon. They are really nice to have!

DEB: My readers are also interested in you as a person. Name one pet peeve that you have?
SF: People who text while they are talking to you in person. Hello? Am I not enough conversation for you? I don’t actually like texting in general. I feel like, if you want to talk to me, then call me.

DEB: Tell us one thing that readers may not know about you?
SF: I collect rubber ducks. Seriously. I have dozens and dozens.

DEB: If you could travel to any time period when and where would it be?
SF: That’s tough. I think I’d like to travel back to the 1900’s. So much happened in such a short amount of time. Like humans went from the dark ages to flying machines overnight. What an exciting time to be alive. Though, I am very fond of the 2000’s. TV on my cell phone and indoor plumbing? You had me at hello.

DEB: What books are you most interested in that are coming out in 2011? Yours and other authors?
SF: Well, I’m really excited about Born of Blood. It’s my favorite thing I’ve written thus far and that’s saying a lot. As far as other authors I’m waiting for the new Heroes of Olympus novel from Rick Riordan and Clockwork Prince from Cassandra Claire.

DEB: Thank-You so much for your time!
SF: No, thank you! It was great to be back! Thanks so much everyone!

Check out my review of Palmetto Moon: Born of Blood later today!

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Great job, Deb. I loved Born of Blood, and Sherry's interview! Keep 'em coming, Sherry!