Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Read-A-Myth Challenge

I have decided to enter quite a few challenges this year, because I truly love them and I intend to read more books for pleasure during the year, so expect to see several posts about challenges I'm going to be participating in coming in the next few days.

The first challenge that I would like to announce my participation in is the Read-A-Myth Challenge. This challenge has it's own dedicated blog. It is hosted by JoV at Bibliojunkie and Bina from If You Can Read This. Follow the link on the challenge name to sign up.

There are 4 levels of participation:

Level 1 Athena: That's a myth!
(Read any two (2) books about myths)

Level 2 Erlang Chen: Demystify the myth!
(Read any four (4) books about myths)

Level 3 Mimir: World Myth!
Read any six (6) books from the myth series, must cover 2 different countries, including any one from the following list:
  • non-fiction book on the study of mythology (figure) or
  • Karen Armstrong's A Short History of Myth, or
  • original text of myth (many to choose from in Greek Mythology)
Level 4 Ogma: The god of all myths!
Mix or match any eight (8) books from the myth series or any mythology books, with the following conditions:
  • Must cover more than 3 countries
  • Must contain at least one non-fiction book on mythology study

I have decided to do Level 1 Athena!

Check out the sign up page for Rules and Guidelines and to sign up! There is also a suggested reading list that might come in handy. And yes, The Percy Jackson books count!

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