Monday, December 27, 2010

Review: Paranormal Stories of the Other Side Book 1

Paranormal Stories of the Other Side Book 1 by Daryl Sedore

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Paranormal

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Synopsis (Amazon):

Paranormal Stories of the Other Side Book 1 is filled with stories of people in everyday situations trying to deal with something extraordinary.

In "Second Chances" we meet Perry Strall. A man who has been married for over forty years without any violence, but last night he hit his wife and today his wife can't see him.

In "Near Death Experience" a woman dies before her man gets to meet her and then she shows up with knowledge of the other side.

In "A Time of Love" a woman keeps seeing her husband on downtown streets. When she runs over him, he is no longer there, yet his presence changes her life: if she can stay alive long enough.


Author, Daryl Sedore gives us a paranormal book that's a little on the lighter side. When I first got this book, I was expecting a typical paranormal book. Most of which lean toward the horror side of writing. Daryl Sedore's idea of the paranormal is surprising light and refreshing. His stories show us the other side from a different perspective.

We have all seen television shows that portray clairvoyants or mediums. One of the most popular is "Crossing Over" with John Edwards. This book reminded me of the experiences that Edwards reveals on his show. Ordinary, normal people who have had extraordinary experiences. Daryl Sedore's characters are not out of blood or trying to carry the other characters off to the here-after. They are focused on issues like forgiveness or just letting someone know that they are loved.

I enjoyed this short collection of stories about the strange things that happen in life. Readers who are intrigued by the paranormal and what happens on the other side will find this a great beginner. So I would definitely recommend it to those trying paranormal reading for the first time and for those that enjoy a lighter side of this sub-genre. It's short and sweet and a great read for those who have busy schedules.

Paranormal Stories of the Other Side Book 1 is available from Amazon NOW.

I'm giving this one 3 out of 5 apples from my book bag! It was a good book!

Daryl Sedore was born in Southern Ontario in 1969. By the age of ten he was already writing short stories. Throughout high school various teachers encouraged him to choose writing as a career, but Daryl decided to invest in the stock market (TSE) in grade 11 and start his first company by age seventeen. He built numerous companies and became semi-retired at thirty years of age. During the 1990's he still wrote short stories, but it wasn't until the year 2000, that he started writing novels. Daryl has written four novels and over 50 short stories, plus a work of non-fiction called, "Publishing Exposed: The Sedore Report" which was published in November of 2010. Six of his short stories have won awards, including, "The Newspaper" which won 6th place out of thousands of entries in the 75th Annual Writer's Digest Short Story Contest.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to read this collection and post your thoughtful review on your blog.

I really appreciate it.

Have a Happy New Year and my best to you and your family.


justpeachy36 said...

Thanks for stopping by Daryl. I enjoyed your collection.