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Review: The Truth

The Truth (I'm a girl, I'm smart and I know everything) by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Publication Date: December 2007
Publisher: Enchanted Self Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780979895203
ISBN: 0979895200

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THE TRUTH is a delightful, humorous secret diary, written by a girl who is 10 - 11 years of age. She is wise and yet innocent. Her words acknowledge those priceless "truths" that we all knew as kids. She makes us cry and laugh and see ourselves. Everybody loves reading her thoughts, secrets, adventures and solutions to difficult problems. Girls are naturally curious and this book gives them a real opportunity to see how a girl like themselves in so many ways handles her toughest problems and most personal thoughts. Mom can read the book along with her daughter and be not only brought back to herself as a youngster, but find on every page relevant topics for discussion with her daughter. How do you handle a bully? How do you handle a crush on a boy? What about teasing? How do you find time to listen to your daughter? Do we have enough fun together? What really matters? There is space right within the book for the girl and/or mom to make notes or her own diary entries. The book ends with discussion ideas that can also open up whole new areas of topics for mom and daughter or the young reader and other members of her family, friends, or teachers.

Behind this very easy read, written by a positive psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience, is the psychological message to the girls reading THE TRUTH that they can and must keep the fire and passion of their girlhoods as they grow up and have the courage to carry the most precious parts of themselves into adulthood... For parents the book is a way back to what made them feel most special at 10 or 11. Once parents are back in the place that their kids live, then listening, trust and real sharing can begin. Every girl and every parent wants this kind of truth.


Author Barbara Becker Holstein takes us back to when we were young girls of 10 or 11. Back to when we had our first crushes, and wished our parents wouldn't fight. Back to when the teachers just didn't understand and we could write everything down in a diary. Holstein uses her experiences as a teacher and psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience to give mothers and daughters a starting point for discussing the tough issues that kids face today.

Written in the form of a diary from a young girl, The Truth focuses on the thoughts of girls ages 10 and 11. She's in fifth grade, and there are so many new and amazing things happening to her. She keeps a fake diary for her parents, but she writes her real thoughts in another diary just for her. We are able to read her thoughts about everything that goes on in her life, from finding the 'love of her life' to performing in the school play.

This book will take moms back to the place their daughters are coming from. I think sometimes we forget what it was like to be a kid and what kids are facing at this age. The author does an excellent job of getting the parents and the kids on the same page. This is a book that can be read by the daughters alone or with their moms. It will give them a chance to connect and to talk about the things that are going on in their lives. Our daughters want and need our attention. I think this book is a really good place to start, each diary entry can be the beginning of a discussion between mom and daughter that will get them communicating which is so important. This is a short book with a powerful message.

I have two daughters ages 10 and 12. I found this book very helpful and I plan to use it with my girls. I want to be able to understand what they need and I want them to feel like they can talk to me about anything. I think it's important to for them to feel safe enough in our relationship to know that no matter what it is, I'm there for them. This is the kind of book that will help to perpetuate that type of relationship. I recommend it to young female readers and their moms and also for those who have young girls in their lives. This book could be a real stepping stone to a more open and understanding relationship.

The Truth is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

I have been a positive psychologist in private practice for the past twenty five years. In the course of working with my clients, I originated the idea of the Enchanted Self, a positive psychology therapy where I teach people how to recognize and utilize their strengths, talents, skills and even lost potential. I have developed a number of methods, including using our memories to rediscover what is right about ourselves and our lives, rather than what went wrong, helping people to overcome adversity, experience positive emotions and live the good life!

Since developing this concept, I've been able to use many tools to bring the Enchanted Self to everyone, particularly women and girls, who could benefit. I've written five books on the topic, starting with THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy, and now, my first fiction, The Truth, (I'm a girl, I'm ten and I know everything). I host internet radio shows, including Happiness For Women Only on and have written articles for hundreds of websites.

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