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Review: 50 Harbor Street

50 Harbor Street (Cedar Cove series - Book 5) by Debbie Macomber

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Corrie McAfee
50 Harbor Street Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Listener,
Considering that I'm married to Cedar Cove's private investigator, you might think I enjoy mysteries. But I don't - especially when they involve us! Roy and I have been receiving anonymous postcards and messages asking if we "regret the past." We don't know what they mean…

On a more positive note, we're both delighted that our daughter, Linette, has moved to Cedar Cove to work at the new medical clinic. A while ago I attended the humane society's "Dog and Bachelor Auction," where I bought her a date with Cal Washburn, who works at Cliff Harding's horse farm. Unfortunately Linette is less enthusiastic about this date than I am.

Speaking of Cliff, the romance between him and Grace Sherman is back on. But that's only one of the many interesting stories here in Cedar Cove. So why don't you drop by for a coffee at my husband's office on Main Street or our house on Harbor and I'll tell you everything that's new!



Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors and the Cedar Cove series is my favorite series by Debbie. The 5th book in the Cedar Cove series, 50 Harbor Street was continuing story of all of our favorite characters. Cliff and Grace, Olivia and Jack, Corrie and Roy and many others. This particular book focuses on the story of Corrie and Roy and some mysterious postcards and gift baskets they have been receiving from an unknown person. The notes aren't threatening, but they elude to the fact that Roy may have some regrets from his past that he needs to address.

Macomber has a way of making her characters come to life. She uses a small town community to show her characters as they go to work, have relationships and go about their everyday activities. Her characters are the people we see in our own communities everyday. The Librarian at the Public Library, owners of the local restaurant or a quaint bed and breakfast. The local judge and the editor of the newspaper. These are all people that we can identify with. Macomber creates not only great love stories but also a great story of typical Northwest community. Readers will smile and cry with the characters as they become a continuing part of the Cedar Cove Story.

I can't say enough about the honest and wholesome writing that Debbie Macomber does. She is a great writer who has many more stories to tell. Her books are heartwarming and full of love and friendship. They are light, easy reads with great romance and wonderful characters.

The first nine books in the Cedar Cove series, including 50 Harbor Street are available now from your favorite bookseller. The 10th book will be released soon.

I am giving this one 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

Find out more great information from Debbie's Website about the Cedar Cove Series here.

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Mystica said...

I like stories where one can identify with characters. Specially small town ones!