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Review: The Price of Revenge

The Price of Revenge by Dennis Vaughn

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David Fox has a life anyone would envy-a flourishing career as a lawyer, a condo in Denver, and a beautiful girlfriend, Ellen-until he begins investigating a lawsuit against the Denver City Ballet. It seems like a commonplace allegation of misspent funds at first, but soon David finds himself caught in a web of blackmail, betrayal, and dark secrets. To escape, he'll have to answer some uncomfortable questions: Who was responsible for the embezzlement, and how far will they go to cover it up? What precisely is Ellen discussing in those sessions with her psychiatrist? And is telling the truth worth losing everything? The Price of Revenge follows David across boundaries both professional and personal as he tries to find his way out of the maze of intrigue into which he has stumbled.


Dennis Vaughn didn't have to search too far for resources for this book. Vaughn spent 40 years practicing law which makes his character David Fox, very authentic and very well written. Like Vaughn, Fox's character has seen many changes in the profession of law over the years. When Fox begins investigating a lawsuit against the Denver City Ballet he is forced to confront his own ethics and standards as a lawyer. Meanwhile his girlfriend Ellen is seeing a psychiatrist and Fox begins to wonder what is going on in the sessions she has with her therapist. How close is too close? Is there something more going on?

Fox is a great character. He is witty and very deep. When his life begins to slowly unravel. He is faced with many questions. Vaughn allows us to see how the character takes his downward spiral and what he does with each situation. When is the cost of revenge just too much to pay? Vaughn's character Fox deals with many different issues in this book including, black mail, betrayal and scandal and even ethics. Both male and female readers will enjoy this thriller. Though it is from a male perspective, women are always interested in figuring out the male mind... LOL!

The Price of Revenge is now available from your favorite bookseller.

I liked this book very much and I'm giving it 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag.

Here is some more information about Dennis Vaughn.

Dennis Vaughn entered the world of creative writing with his retirement from the practice of law some years ago. He was a senior partner in what started as a small Los Angeles law firm, Paul Hastings, and grew into a international firm with over 1000 lawyers and offices throughout the world. He served as Chairman of the firm for three years.

In his years in the law, Vaughn's predominant function was writing in the area of his expertise, employment law representing management. He had legal articles published and spoke extensively on employment subjects. He also served as Managing Editor of the Stanford Law Review. While legal writing and creative writing are two distinctly different endeavors, he draws extensively in his writing from his background and experience in the legal profession.

Vaughn's first novel, The Price of Revenge, has been released. He is at work on a second novel. In addition, he has written personal essays that embellish experiences and relationships he has had over the years which he regards as amusing and interesting.

Vaughn graduated from Stanford University and Stanford Law School. He now lives in Aspen most of the year where, in addition to writing, he skis and hikes. The remainder of the year he lives in Los Angeles. He and his wife travel extensively and he devotes time to several charitable organizations in which he has long been interested. He is President of the Aspen Writers Foundation, an officer of the Friends of Marolt Park & Open Space, and is a Life Director of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in New York and the Aspen Music Festival & School in Aspen.

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