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Review: Never Enough

Never Enough (Brown Siblings - Book 4) by Lauren Dane

Publication Date: September 2011
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: Paperback, 320pp
ISBN-13: 9780425243008
ISBN: 0425243001

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Excerpt from Never Enough WARNING: This excerpt is ONLY appropriate for readers over eighteen years of age.



Gillian Forrester spent most of her life running form who and what she came from ... until Miles came along. The moment she held the tiny newborn her older sister didn't want, Gillian stopped running and began to build a life for herself and her adopted son. Now, thirteen years later, as Gillian's sister lies dying, she reveals the father's identity and makes Gillian promise to find him.

Adrian Brown is the epitome of the successful rock star. He's seen and done it all, with no regrets. It takes a lot of to shock him - but the bombshell that he has a thirteen-year-old rocks his world. And Adrian is even more surprised when the butttoned-up, elegant woman who's raising Miles snags his erotic and romantic attention. 

The last thing Gillian expected was to find herself getting hot and heavy with a person like Adrian. But as much as she wants to open up and give herself fully to this amazing man, she's afraid the secrets of her past and Adrian's problems with trusting people may keep them apart for good. If love isn't enough, can they find the trust they need?


Author Lauren Dane brings readers the final book in the Brown Siblings series, Never Enough. Readers who caught glimpses of Adrian in the first three books in the series, will love reading about his rock star life and the people who make up his inner circle of family and friends. Dane's ability to create characters that readers want to know more about is in full swing in this novel. Gillian is a heroine that readers can identify with and Adrian's bad boy image is more than satisfying. A hot and steamy end of the summer read for readers who are looking for more than just happy ever after!

Gillian Forester's childhood would make anyone cringe and more than a few turn away. She has spent her life trying to rise above what happened to her. But in an instant her life changes so dramatically that she hardly recognizes it. When her sister Tina calls to tell her she is giving birth to a baby she doesn't want, Gillian is forced to decide what matter's most to her. Taking the baby, Miles as her own son, Gillian forges a life for them that she is proud of. But her sister isn't done, changing the rules. On her deathbed she finally tells Gillian who the father of her son really is. Adrian Brown, bad boy, rock star, who has been with so many women he probably wouldn't even remember her. Gillian feels compelled to tell Adrian about Miles whatever the consequences might be... but she didn't plan on being attracted to him. 

Lauren Dane once again pushes the envelope with her latest book, Never Enough. This is the final book in the Brown siblings series that has focused on family and the bonds of friendship. Fans of the series have gotten to know a little bit about Adrian Brown in previous books, but this book is ultimately his story. I liked the fact that Dane allows readers to build on the foundation of what they already know about Adrian. He is such an interesting and multidimensional character.

Adrian is an alpha male with trust issues and finding out he has a thirteen- year-old son is more than a little shocking to him. Dane portrays Adrian as a man who has seen and done it all with no regrets, yet he has a soft inner core that is at times both touching and frustrating. He is by no means a perfect hero, but his flaws tend to illustrate clearly all the other amazing facets of his personality. Dane's ability to make even a rock star seem accessible and real to her readers is unparalleled in erotic romance. Her characters have an essence of life that is often missing in the genre. She allows her characters to lead her stories, not their libido's.

Gillian Forrester is a welcome addition to the series. She is a character that readers will connect to. She comes from a horrific past that would have jaded most women. But instead of burying her head in the sand, Gillian takes charge and takes on a child that she loves and cares for so much, she would allow him to have a relationship with a father who may want to take him from her. One of the things I really loved about this character was the fact that she is able to present herself as a lady with sophistication and elegance, but when she is behind closed doors, she can let loose and really explore her sexuality. Her relationship with Adrian is beyond hot and steamy. Dane causes the sparks to really fly between these two characters and readers will be grabbing a cold drink or a fan to be able to continue reading... 

I thought that the author did an amazing job of showcasing how important family and friends were to these characters. Adrian's family is close and caring. We see the character who has practically everything want what his siblings have... love and family. It was touching and came across as very heart-felt and when Adrian finds out he has a son, he is incredibly tender and understanding with Miles. Gillian has had terrible problems with her family yet she has created a wonderful group of friends who are her support system. The fact that relationships and bonds don't always require blood is a strong theme in the book. From Gillian's quirky group of pals to her deep love for Miles. I thought this was a very fitting end to a great series.

Never Enough is an erotic romance. It isn't meant for young readers because of the language, situations and adult themes. It's very graphic and doesn't hold back, nor do I think it should. Dane is well known for erotic writing and most people who pick up one of her books expect her stories to be filled with raw almost primal sexuality. It may be a little too much for some, but I thought Dane did an excellent job creating the tension needed to pull off a story between a bad boy rocker and an intelligent, sexy woman. This book has both depth and sensuality. A great combination! I recommend this one to erotic romance fans.

Never Enough is available NOW from your favorite bookseller. 

I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag. 

Lauren Dane is a suburban mom with a lurid imagination that she's put to good use with her writing. Her favorite thing is when people tell her that she doesn't look like "someone who'd write those books." She lives in the Northwest with her husband and three very rambunctious kids. She writes everything from paranormals to contemporary BDSM books and develops terrible crushes on all of her heroes. Even though she lives in her head a lot, she does venture outside from time to time to collaborate with other authors - two great examples are Erotic Romance Authors and Maverick Authors. 

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