Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: The 6th Target

The 6th Target (Women's Murder Club series - Book 6) by James Patterson

(Audio book for review from the Library)


When a horrifying attack leaves one of the four members of the Women's Murder Club struggling for her life, the others fight to keep a madman behind bars before anyone else is hurt.

And Lindsay Boxer and her new partner in the San Francisco police department run flat-out to stop a series of kidnappings that has electrified the city: children are being plucked off the streets together with their nannies--but the kidnappers aren't demanding ransom. Amid uncertainty and rising panic, Lindsay juggles the possibility of a new love with an unsolvable investigation, and the knowledge that one member of the club could be on the brink of death.

And just when everything appears momentarily under control, the case takes a terrifying turn, putting an entire city in lethal danger. Lindsay must make a choice she never dreamed she'd face--with no certainty that either outcome has more than a prayer of success.


This is another great collaboration between bestselling author James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. The 6th book in the Women's Murder Club series starts out with a shooting on a local ferry. Readers are stunned to find out that one of the victim's is Claire Washburn, San Francisco, Medical Examiner and member of the Women's Murder Club. Yuki and Lindsey fight hard to keep the murderer behind bars but his lawyer is one of the best and an insanity plea may get him off.

Meanwhile, Lindsey is investigating two other crimes. The first is a series of disappearances of young children and their nannies. The kidnappers don't want ransom money, so what are they after? It's up to Lindsey and her new partner to find out. Another set of crimes is being committed in Cindy's new apartment building. Some pets end up missing and one is found dead, a neighbors stereo is smashed into a million pieces and then people start to show up dead. Lindsey is baffled as to the motive for the crimes, until she gets an idea that noise may be involved.

Patterson and Paetro set a very fast paced scene as they have with the other Women's Murder Club books they have worked on together. Short chapters, lots of action and more than one story going on at one time. It makes for great thriller where the reader never knows what to expect next. In this 6th novel, we are now definitely invested in the characters of the Women's Murder Club. The reader is stunned when Claire is hurt and angry with Joe's lack of commitment to Lindsey. It's safe to say that readers will continue to read this great series by Patterson and look forward to each new book. There are 9 books in the series now and I hope to eventually review them all.

The 6th Target, as well as all nine books in the Women's Murder Club series are available now at your favorite bookseller.

I give this one 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag!


Llehn said...

I really need to read James Patterson one of these days.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read this series but I love James Patterson's Alex Cross series. I wish he would come out with more than one book a year but I know he has SO many other books that come out. A girl can wish :-)

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Marjorie/cenya2 said...

I just bought this one at the used book store, so now I know it was
a wise choice.
Thanks for a great review.

Mystica said...

I also havent read this series and should start. The book sounds so very good.