Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amazon Scandal

Many of you are probably familiar with the scandal that recently broke involving Amazon. Apparently, there have been several books and video's for sale on Amazon that promote the exploitation and abuse of children. Anderson Cooper of CNN is one my favorite reporters and I feel that he has brought some widespread notice to this issue. Please check out the video that accompanies this post for more information.

At this time I have made the decision that I do not want to promote a company on my blog that would in any way seek financial gain at the expense of our children. I will not be promoting Amazon in any way from now on at Debbie's Book Bag. No product information or anything else. I will not be posting reviews on Amazon or participating in their associates program. I urge you as readers to carefully consider where you buy your books. I will not be buying mine from Amazon!

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Martha Eskuchen said...

I had not seen this on the news or else where so I appreciate you bringing attention to it. I think/surely hope that Amazon will set some method in place to prevent this type of material.
Meanwhile I will check out the Boycott and consider that course of action.