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Review: 6 Rainier Drive

6 Rainier Drive (Cedar Cover - Book 6) by Debbie Macomber

Publication Date: September 2006
Publisher: Mira
Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, Nook, Kindle, Audio, etc.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN-13: 9780778323341
ISBN: 077832334X

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This is the cover that I have for 6 Rainier Drive, but the new covers for the whole series have recently come out, Check them out!

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6 Rainier Drive
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,

As you may have heard, we've recently had quite a shock. My husband, Seth, and I lost our business, The Lighthouse restaurant - to arson. The investigation continues. The prime suspect is a young ex-employee named Anson Butler, who disappeared right after the fire.

So Seth and I are trying to sort our our lives. (and let me tell you, this kind of crisis is not good for a marriage.) In the meantime, life goes on for everyone else in Cedar Cover - with marriages, births, reunions and even the occasional scandal. One of the most interesting pieces of news is that Cal, who works on Cliff Harding's ranch, is now rescuing wild mustangs from Wyoming.

I have to run - I'm meeting an old friend, Warren Saget, for lunch. Let's talk soon, and I'll fill you in on everything that's happening in town!



The Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber is one of my favorites. 6 Rainier Drive is book six in the series and Macomber once again gives us a heartwarming and loving story about real people making real decisions and learning from their successes and failures. Macomber gives us the happy ever after with a twist in most of her books and this one is no different. Full of compelling characters and realistic situations, this is contemporary romance at it's best.

Justine and Seth Gunderson are under some real pressure. Their restaurant, The Lighthouse, has been burned to the ground by arson. Now they have to pick up the pieces and decide whether they want to rebuild or move on. Seth vehemently wants to rebuild feeling that if he doesn't all the hard work have put into the Lighthouse would have been for nothing. Justine realizes that their family has been suffering because of the lack of time they have been able to spend together due to the rigors of a restaurant life. She wants a slower pace, a different outlook, but Seth isn't willing to listen. Will it tear them apart?

Who could have started the fire? Was it Anson, the young boy who was trying to put his past behind him and start over... or did the 'fire bug' break out inside him when he unjustly fired from the Lighthouse? Could it have been the son of Charlotte's new husband Ben, who is in such a terrible financial mess that he would have done anything to get out? Is it someone we would have never expected from Cedar Cove.

There are so many great story lines going on in this book, the Lighthouse story is only one of them. We learn more about the stories of all our favorite characters in this one, how their lives intertwine to give us wonderful community. Cedar Cove is a place I'd love to live. Cedar Cove has become a place that readers want to visit and come back to. They want to visit, Mary Ellen's Gallery, or go see Grace at the library. They might even want to attend court to see Olivia meting out judgment or pick up the Cedar Cove Chronicle to see how Jack is getting along as editor. These are people we feel like we know, by book 6 of the series. There are also new characters being added to the mix with each book, like Bobby Polgar, master chess champion. Each book builds on the others and creates a whole world.

I can't say enough good things about the series or this book in particular. I loved it. Macomber's books are not hot and heavy on the steamy romance, but they are passionate and full of great characters. I love a good romance and this one really hit the spot. Can't wait to read book 7, 74 Seaside Drive. There are currently 10 books in the series, so I'm catching up slowly but surely, LOL! I recommend any format on this one, it's a keeper!

6 Rainier Drive along with the other books in the Cedar Cove Series are available at your favorite bookseller NOW!

This one gets a definite 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

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