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Review: Love's First Light

Love's First Light by Jamie Carie

Publication Date: July 2009
Publisher: B & H Publishing Group
Format: Paperback, 320 pp
Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN-13: 9780805448139
ISBN: 0805448136

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Synopsis (Book Blurb):

Hope lies hidden in the light of the stars... But will a tragic connection tear him apart?

Christophe, the Count of St. Laurent, is alone. His only companion? The horrific memories of seeing his family scarified to the blood-soaked French Revolution. The once-charmed aristocrat escapes to an ancient castle on France's southern border, where only his bright love for astronomy can fight dark memories of the guillotine. But the medieval city of Carcassonne holds more than a hiding place. For it is there he meets Scarlett, a young widow with secrets of her own.

Scarlett has accepted the desolate life she leads as penance for not being the wife she longed to be for her deceased husband. Then, during a midnight visit to her husband's grave, she encounters a man who changes everything. A man of sorrow and mystery, whose passion for the heavens and his faith stirs her as nothing ever has.

But a terrible discovery awaits: one that will break Christophe's heart - and destroy his first glimmer of hope since horror invaded his world. But Scarlett will not give up. Even if she must storm the gates of hell itself, she will bring Christophe back to the light of forgiveness - and love.


Author, Jamie Carie brings us story of two tortured hearts, broken and left desolate by the French Revolution. Her characters shine in this poignant historical romance set in the French town of Carcassonne. Carie has a way with scene selection and settings that sets her writing apart from many Christian novelists. This isn't your typical Christian Fiction piece, where the plot is A + B = C, there are many twists and turns from true love to revenge and back again, that will interest readers with a wide range of reading interests.

Christophe, the Count of St. Laurent flees to his family castle in Carcassonne after his family is brutally guillotined at the command of Robespierre during the French Revoution. He is alone and filled with memories that he wants to forget. He buries himself in his love of the stars, doing experiments and writing, while keeping entirely to himself. He unexpectedly meets a young widow one dark night as she visits the grave of her dead husband, also a causality of the Revolution.

Scarlett Bonham is has lost a husband she barely knew and now faces poverty and the coming birth of a child. Christophe and Scarlett begin a relationship that will offer them both a chance to move forward and leave their tragic pasts behind until Christophe finds out that Scarlett's child is a relative of his enemy Robespierre. Will he be able to forget trying to seek vengeance or is their love doomed?

I really enjoyed this book, the author has a great eye for setting the scene and for giving the reader a plot that is interesting and full of surprises. Jamie Carie uses the French Revolution as a backdrop to an incredible story. This turbulent time in history gives the characters a sort of desperation. During this time period people didn't know who to trust an enemy could be the person next door or even in the same room with you, and that came across very well in the book.

The author uses Christophe's love astronomy and his faith to appeal to Scarlett and to the reader. The characters are believable, very authentic and give off a sense of realness that I really identified with. Christophe is a character that is full of honor and loyalty yet his baser instincts make him consider revenge against his enemies. Scarlett is a beautiful and determined woman who struggles with the fact that she couldn't be the wife she wanted to be. Both characters have human flaws, yet they are able to set them aside and pursue a peace and a love that is could complete them. I love the way they interacted together and thought Carie did an excellent job of making their romance full of passion without overstatement or being excessive.

I would recommend this one to readers of both historical and Christian fiction. I love the setting of the French Revolution and the refreshing plot. The characters were very well developed and the book was an all around enjoyable read.

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I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 apples from my book bag!

Jamie Carie is the author of Snow Angel, a ForeWord magazine Romance Book of the Year winner, USA Book News National "Best Books 2007" Awards winner, and 2009 RITA Awards Best First Book finalist. She lives with her husband and three children in Indianapolis.

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