Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service

The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service by Beth Kendrick

Publication Date: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Penguin USA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: Paperback, 336pp.
ISBN-13: 978-0451236661
ISBN: 0451236661

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Excerpt from The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service


Lara Madigan has a gift. She can help you find your soulmate—your canine soulmate, that is. As a dog trainer with a soft spot for strays, she’s found perfect homes for sulky Shih Tzus,  broken-down Border collies, and diabolical Dalmatians. But while she’ll always make room for one more rescue mutt, she’s not sure she’s ready to commit to another human being. Especially after her live-in boyfriend drops the bomb: He’s not a dog person.
Horrified and temporarily homeless, Lara and her furry pack move in with her mother, a wealthy fashionista who forbids even a single drop of drool. As word gets around the exclusive gated community, Lara is overwhelmed with demands for her services. A model wants personal training for her overweight “flabrador”; an aging socialite preps her pedigreed puppy for dog show domination… If Lara can survive the breakup, the outrageous requests of her high-maintenance clientele, and her dogs’ systematically destruction of her mother’s McMansion, she might finally find the rescue dog who rescues her in return– leading her straight to the guy who could be her perfect match.


Contemporary romance author Beth Kendrick returns with her latest book, The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service. This is a heart warming story that will appeal to the romance lover and pet enthusiast in all of us. Kendrick impresses with her smooth, elegant style and witty, humorous dialogue. This is a story about finding your calling life and realizing that you deserve to be as happy as you make other people. A great contemporary romance, whether your a dog person or a people person!

This is one of those books that just makes you smile. Everything from the cute pet store like cover to the engaging blurb on the back. It's one of those you know you are going to love even before you turn the first page. I've had the privilege to review one other book by Beth Kendrick, The Bake-Off, which was also a very well written, witty book. But this one is definitely a favorite of mine. I am most assuredly a dog person and this book really hit the spot for me. Not only does Kendrick show her own love for rescued pets through this story, but she makes you want to go out and get one yourself. I already have two dogs, both mutts, whom I adore, and I can see where she got her idea from. There are just certain pets of any kind that are destined to be your yours, you feel it, they feel it. And there's nothing like it!

Lara is a great character. She is really in tune with what she wants out of life. The kind of job she wants and all of that. But I don't think she felt she deserved love, especially after a bad breakup with her boyfriend, who just was not a dog person. I'm glad Kendrick understood as an author that she couldn't stay with him, it just wouldn't work... LOL! I liked the fact that at the beginning of her stay with her mother, there relationship is somewhat tense and unnatural, but throughout the story both of them start to loosen up and build a great mother-daughter bond.

This book is all about the romance. I liked the whole rescue dog theme and the fact that Kendrick used that to bring the main couple together. I think people bond over pets, whether it is friendship or a little bit more than that. And Kendrick really plays on that idea in this book and it works fantastically. Lara finally figured out that she was worth it. She deserved happiness and when she came to that realization she found it where she least expected it. Kendrick makes Lara's relationship feel real and special. It is very heart warming and full of surprises. 

I also enjoyed the gated community where Lara and her mother lived and how all the high society women wanted just the right dog trainer. The right person to match them up with their perfect pet. It may sound funny, but I expect that's exactly how it might work with the rich and famous. Word of mouth travels. I was glad that Lara was able to make a career move with her rescue efforts and I thought Kendrick made this a comical love story that gets to the heart of matters like friendship, love and a deep love for animals. A great book, I won't soon forget for its fun and understanding of the canine - human relationship. 

The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

I'm giving this one 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag.

Beth Kendrick is still mastering the Zen art of making piecrust, but she can whip up a decadent chocolate-cranberry cheesecake, and her chocolate-chip cookies have been described as "utopian." Her previous novels include Second Time Around, The Pre-nup, and Newlyweds. She lives in Arizona with her family and a pair of unruly rescue dogs.


Carol N Wong said...

I would Lara to match me up with a sweet loving dog. Really want to read this one!


Rachelle21 said...

I wonder if Laura could find the perfect dog for someone who feels it would cause allergies to act up. We have not had a poodle for over 10 years. I get my "dog fix" from friend's pets. We are now being owned by three cats.