Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: Captain Bonny Morgan: The Cassandra Prophecy

My Synopsis:

Captain Bonny Morgan: The Cassandra Prophecy by Robert "Doc" Gowdy

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The First Galactic Empire is about to be thrown into turmoil. It seems just about everyone is trying to overthrow, Emperor Tulla. Admiral Kul one of his trusted advisors is looking to attempt to take over the government, while Tulla's wife, Empress Flaccilla has enlisted the help of an Ancient Order, as well as the Pirate Brethren to help in her coup attempt.

Bonny Morgan, a famous pirate and Captain of the spaceship, Fancy has successfully completed her mission of kidnapping the Empress's daughter, Cosette. But, her real objective it to bring about the fulfillment of a prophecy given by the ancient order. Her life is quickly filled with political ploys and conspiracy's. Meanwhile, the Empress's other daughter, Lysette and her slave girl, Tink start out to try to find her sister. They unwittingly end up right where they belong in the company of the beautiful, Bonny Morgan.

With the help of many colorful characters, Lady Brit a young noblewoman, Colleen O'Malley, Pirate Queen, Gunns Mannigan, a retired Marine and many others Bonny Morgan, Lysette and Tink find themselves in a situation that gives them a lot more questions than answers... Where did Tink, get the mysterious tattoo's on her body? What is the prophecy that Bonny Morgan is giving her life to see fulfilled? Will Lysette find her sister and what part does she play in the prophecy?

My Thoughts:

This novel was science fiction through and through. But, it definitely had some very interesting elements. I have always been a fan of a good Pirate story and when it comes to mixing spaceships and military takeovers with Pirates, thats even better. Robert "Doc" Gowdy has created a book that transcends what one might expect from Sci-Fi. He has given us a world that is primarily populated by Pirates and Soldiers.

As a reader I could see a lot of parallels to mythology and legends. Bonny Morgan's world seems to have been somewhat like an Amazonian women society... LOL! The women in this book, ruled the roost so to speak. The women tended to be the leaders and those making the decisions. I found that a very interesting touch. Bonny Morgan was a great character, she was a strong woman who was comfortable in her own skin, literally! She has a sort of mystery about her as well, she isn't human, but we never really find out what she really is. We know she's beautiful, resourceful, full of passion and capable of kindness as well as tough as nails when she needs to be.

Princess Lysette's character was a young girl who has everything she could ever want, except a purpose in life. She becomes bored with her royal life and feels as if she is at her wits end. The kidnapping of her sister, provided her with a much needed distraction, but also with a goal, something to focus on, something to give her life meaning. I enjoyed her character, she could drink the men under the table, but still give off that tinge of nobility and grace.

I will have to say, this book was not what I expected. It was well written, but it's not for the faint of heart. At 472 pages, Captain Bonny Morgan is not a read you can fly right through. It takes some concentration to figure out what's going on and to keep everything straight. This is most definitely an adult novel. It is not one your children should read, there is some language but there are many sexual situations that would inappropriate for younger readers. As an adult novel it is very creative, interesting and truly a Sci-Fi thriller. Gowdy's debut novel will appeal to Sci-Fi enthusiasts as well as other mainstream readers of Adult Fiction.

Captain Bonny Morgan is available now from your favorite bookseller.

Based on the writing, this one gets 4 out of 5 apples, but keep in mind it's not rated G.... LOL!

Here is some more information about the author, Robert "Doc" Gowdy.

Robert “Doc” Gowdy is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a Ph.D. in Literary Criticism and Theory and an emphasis on Nineteenth-Century British literature. His specialization in literary theory is psychoanalytic criticism and theory, particularly Lacanian psychoanalysis, with further emphases on Milton and Eighteenth-Century literature. He is currently an adjunct assistant professor at Texas Woman’s University where he teaches various literature classes. His interest in writing is long standing, but aside from academic writing his first novel, Captain Bonny Morgan: The Cassandra Prophesy is his first foray into fiction. Captain Bonny Morgan is based on archetypal themes and patterns from mythology, such as fairies, goddesses, and the Hero’s Journey, and based loosely on Doc Gowdy’s active duty service in the United States Marine Corps with special emphasis on the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean at the turn of the Eighteenth-Century.


Shy said...

I hardly ever read sci-fi books, so I cannot really judge this book. But from the storyline, it does pretty much sounds like something Star Trek/Star Wars fan would truly love.

P.s. I'm thrilled to see you're reading Outlander. Would love to hear what you think of it!

Mystica said...

I think sci fiction fans would like this book. A different genre from what I normally would pick up.

justpeachy36 said...


So far I love Outlander! I haven't had to opportunity to read the series and I've heard so many good things about it I finally had to LOL...

Shy said...

That is fantastic! I've read couple of glowing reviews on it but the book is a little hard to find here. Will have to keep digging for that one! Thanks for the head up =) Hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

Llehn said...

Wow this sounds like it would make an awesome movie!!