Saturday, October 2, 2010

On My Wish List (3)

This is a new meme that I am going to be participating in on Saturday's, hosted by Book Chick City. The idea is to spotlight books that we have on our Wish Lists. Books we really want to read but haven't had the chance to buy yet. They can be old or new books and a Mr. Linky is provided so that we can keep up with each others choices each week.

I got started late on this one this week. It's after 7 pm EST. But, I'm going to add it anyway, because I like this meme.

I have decided to choose three books a week. Here are this weeks choices.

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. The cover on this one is extra-creepy... I love it LOL... makes me want know what happens in this one.


Mackie Doyle is not one of us. Though he lives in the small town of Gentry, he comes from a world of tunnels and black murky water, a world of living dead girls ruled by a little tattoo princess. He is a replacement, left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. Now, because of fatal allergies to iron, blood and consecrated ground, Mackie is fighting to survive in the human world.

Mackie would give anything to live among us, to practice on his base or spend time with his crush, Tate. But when Tate's baby sister goes missing, Mackie is drawn irrevocably into the underworld of Gentry, known as Mayhem. He must face the dark creatures of the Slag Heaps and find his rightful place, in our world or theirs.

Edward Scissorhands meets The Catcher in the Rye in this wildly imaginative and frighteningly beautiful horror novel about an unusual boy and his search for a place to belong.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author, he's one of those authors that I buy every new book he comes out with. This one will be no exception.


When a mysterious young woman named Kate appears in the small North Carolina town of Southport, her sudden arrival raises questions about her past. Beautiful yet self-effacing, Kate seems determined to avoid forming personal ties until a series of events draws her into two reluctant relationships: one with Alex, a widowed store owner with a kind heart and two young children; and another with her plainspoken single neighbor, Jo. Despite her reservations, Katie slowly begins to let down her guard, putting down roots in the close-knit community and becoming increasingly attached to Alex and his family.

But even as Katie begins to fall in love, she struggles with the dark secret that still haunts and terrifies her... a past that set her on a fearful, shattering journey across the country, to the sheltered oasis of Southport. With Jo's empathic and stubborn support, Katie eventually realizes that she must choose between a life of transient safety and one of riskier rewards... and that in the darkest hour, love is the only true safe haven.

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. This one has been around for several months. I've always been drawn to the cover and I know it's the beginning of a new series... can't wait to pick it up somewhere.


Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie's estranged father - an elusive European warlock - only when necessary. But when Sophie attracts to much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, it's her dad who decides her punishment: exile to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium , a.k.a. witches, faeries and shapeshifters.

By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: three powerful enemies that look like supermodels, a futile crush on a gorgeous warlock, a creepy tagalong ghost, and a new roommate who happens to be the most hated person and only vampire on campus. Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect.

As a series of blood-curdling mysteries start to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: an ancient secret society determined to destroy all Prodigium, especially her.


Hannah Marie said...

Oooh. Hex Hall looks especially good. Hope you get these soon and enjoy reading them!

The Phantom Paragrapher said...

I enjoyed Hex Hall , hanging out for the sequel which Im doing an ARC blog tour for later on called Demonglass.The Replacement is on my wishlist and I recieved an RC of Safe Haven the other day so thats in my pile to feature shortly.

brizmus said...

Hex Hall was amazing! And I read and loved my first NIcholas Sparks last week. . .I don't know what took me so long.

Unknown said...

I have The Replacement... but have not seen any reviews yet. Looking forward to reading about what you think.